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In this Phase, I will be reflecting on my background research from Phase 3 and at finding an expert on my topic via google scholar. I will be emailing the expert to get really good information that we can use in our inquiry project. In the later parts of this Phase, I will be talking to 3-5 adults about contacts that I should talk to in Xizhou and where I can find them.

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In phase 1, I have developed ten big questions that would help me to dig deeper into my topic and prepare for the 28 days in Xizhou. This is the phase 2, where I will be relflecting on the informations I researched in phase 3, as well finding more helpful and reliable information to answer the 10 questpons about my topic, the ways how the people in Xizhou relieve stress. 

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A few days ago I was looking through a book written by Slyvia Plath called The Bell Jar, and I happened to come across a sentence that I personally thought was beautiful. Now that I am writing this little "My Thoughts on Xizhou" blog, I believe that this is the perfect moment for me to share this quote, as it truly embodies my assumptions on both Yunan and Xizhou. It is nothing fancy, but this is how the sentence goes: 

"I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery-air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, "This is what it is to be happy"."

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Although I've never been to Yunnan or Xizhou before, I have heard about Yunnan's significance from others. Yunnan has lower buildings, unlike the skyscrapers in Shanghai. Xizhou is one of the most famous historical and cultural towns in Yunnan province. Also, Xizhou is well known because of the distance from Lake Er, which has a certain status among the residence of Xizhou. From the pictures I have seen from researches, the majority of the population is the elderly and children because most of the middle-aged residence moved to bigger cities for a better opportunity for their career.