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During Phase 0 and Phase 1, I have found a topic I will be researching about. I also have some prior knowledge about my subject Bai Music. During Phase 0, I chose Bai Minority Music, something I want to spend 28 days in Xizhou studying. Phase 1 was about my prior knowledge of the topic of Bai Music. During Phase 3, I will be doing some background research about Bai Music as well as digging deeper into the matter.

Background Information (from Phase 1):

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In the morning, after the late breakfast, we started the 150 years in 150 minutes lecture from Mr. Tafel. We learned the 150 years of history of China. It was very interesting because it was a new concept of looking and understanding the history of China and. I learned Chinese history when I was in middle school in Korea. However, I had to come to China during my semester and I was not able to learn the modern parts. I was so glad I was able to learn how China, the country I am living in. Mr. Tafel was a great storyteller and a fun teacher.

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Today, we had an early weekend which means that the schedule is flip-flopped and we get to sleep in late. When I woke up this morning, everyone else is already eating breakfast and some had already started their inquiry work. I ate a quick breakfast and hurried upstairs for our 150 minutes lecture about Chinese history. Despite the long lecture, I feel like I learned much more in the 2 hours than I have ever learned anywhere else. I learned about why things came to be in certain areas of China and why Chairman Mao is such a hero to so many Chinese citizens even today.