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This will be the start of my Microcampus journey, and I am eager to start this experience by selecting topics that I will be exploring for the next few months, including the 28 days I will be spending in Xizhou. After having many project topics thrown towards me, I knew that I had to narrow down a large amount of these ideas to reach my final three choices. I started thinking: what would I be most interested in, and will it affect me not only as a student but as a person as I learn?

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I along 16 other students and obiously Mr. T will be going to Xizhou for a shor month. We will all have our inquiry projects. We had a huge list of options which we could choose our topics from. There are a few new ones added each time a new group goes out. All of the students went through a procces of firstly finding a few which we were very interested in. Then later we had to pick one final topic we we had then choosen with the help of Mr. T feedback.

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This is the start of all the work and memories for the Microcampus that the members and I went on March, 2019. Before going we had to chose one topic from a lot of topics to study in the village of Xizhou. Every topic seemed exciting and are able to learn more, but, I have to choose the topic that interests me the most, and a topic that I think is worth the most of  learning at the village. While going through the processes of choosing, writing and revising from the feedbacks from Mr.

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I am Evan S and I am one of the members of the W group Microcampus members. Starting from March 9th, I will travel to Xizhou for 28 days and do research on a topic I am interested in. Like all the other Microcampus members, I was given an inquiry project list to choose a topic to do research on in Xizhou. When I was looking through the long list of possible activities, I realized that there are way too many topics to learn in this community in such little time.

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This is the start of a learning journey and about why I chose topics or not. This journey eventually ends in a town called Xizhou exploring their culture and surroundings on a 28-day trip. This is to prepare for the 28 days of researching the topic of most interest to me. Many topics were taken into consideration but narrowed down into one that I will eventually study and report about.

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Microcampus is a journey; a journey where students leave the bubble that is Shanghai life to learn and experience the culture of a different part of China, a journey to grow as a person, a journey to, perhaps, even learn something about themselves. I am one of the lucky chosen few to embark on this journey. We will be spending 28 days in a village of Xizhou, and to start us off, we were given a long list of topics we could study there.

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Hello! I will be spending 28 days in a village called Xizhou, Yunnan, a province in China. I am currently still in Shanghai, and just selected a topic I would want to investigate more about. I was only interested in these three topics: love and marriage, religious studies, and local spirits/stories/legends. I did not struggle in trying to narrow my selections to 3-5 choices, but instead, I struggled on narrowing these three topics to one.
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On March 9th, 2019, I will be flying across China to a city called Xizhou for 28 days. This is not an ordinary trip, rather it is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see a world beyond our modern world to learn in the city independently. For those 28 days, I will be studying a project on top of the regular schoolwork that I am doing.

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28 days, 16 eighth graders, and 1 common goal, to learn about the culture and history of Xizhou. Out of a long list of inquiry topics, all sixteen of us chose one topic we were interested in. When I looked through the inquiry topic list, I continuously asked myself three questions: Am I actively engaged/connected with this topic? (Why?) What is the purpose of learning this topic? What would be the ending product of the learning and research?

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Once again on the 23rd trip of Microcampus, 16 eighth graders prepare to leave the "Shanghai bubble" for their 28-day journey in Xizhou, Yunan. All 16 of us were given a long list of projects we could focus on for the 28 days. When I first started to scroll through the list of the topics, I did not know what to choose. Then I started to realize that I would only stop and read the descriptors for topics that had to do with stories and food.

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Welcome to the start of my learning journey, where I am fortunate enough to spend 28 days in a village investigating a chosen topic of high personal interest. We were given a long list with a strong variety of possible research topic choices. At first, I assumed that this would be a challenging choice for me to make, knowing all the endless opportunities corresponding with each project.