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On the 7th of March, 2020, I will be leaving Shanghai with my Microcampus team and will be going to Xizhou for 28 days. During this time we will be working on a project called an Inquiry Project to really be able to learn about the local culture. Before we were chosen to be a part of Microcampus we were given a list of possible choices for our Inquiry Projects. We were first asked to look at the list and pick out a few projects that really stood out to us or looked interesting.

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It is very important to choose the project that you like because it's you who is going to spend 28 days with it. Choosing the projects that I like was easy. However, there was a disagreement of the topic that I selected. My parents wanted me to do projects that is going to benefit my future, for example, a business case study. In the end, after discussing with my parents, they decided that I should be able to learn what I want to learn.

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In Phase 0 I have narrowed down the topic that I will research in Xizhou. Then after I have chosen my topic I had moved on to Phase 1,  which I had started to question my wonders I have once I get to Xizhou, also I have expressed the knowledge I have on the topic I am doing. . The next step I am going to start is working on the background research so I am able to know the minimum knowledge about Xizhou and their people.

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To choose the top 3 topics I wanted to study first, I thought about what kind of things I was interested in (cuisine, photography, and crafts), then I narrowed it down to my top five by reading about them and seeing which ones seemed the most interesting. After that, I thought about which topics would help me grow more as a person and which ones might I grow a new passion for. 

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I am interested to find out the hobbies of the locals and what they would do in their free time. I think that I could compare the different lifestyles and hobbies we have between the people in Xizhou and here in SAS.  During the 28 days that I will spend in Xizhou, I think I could be part of their lifestyle for a short period of time.