Updated 6 years 1 month ago

Over the past couple of weeks I have been starting the process of choosing my inquiry project for my Microcampus trip in January. Microcampus is an amazing opportunity that allows the students on the trip to learn more about themselves in a different environment. In 'Phase 0', we are currently choosing our inquiry projects.

Updated 6 years 1 month ago

Previously, in ‘Phase 0.’ I worked on narrowing down my inquiry topic choices for picking a final project. The topic I selected was “hobbies and recreation.”  During ‘Phase 1’, I will start researching local hobbies and I will begin constructing some possible interview questions that will help me learn/interact with Xizhou residents.

Updated 6 years 2 months ago

Previously, in ‘Phase 1’ I worked on constructing questions that will help guide me during research and interviews. Currently in 'Phase 2.', I are looking into finding valuable resources that will help me develop more questions and guide my research. 

Updated 6 years 1 month ago

Here in 'Phase 3', is where we will be recording/storing information we gathered in our background research, three-to-five's and local contact interviews. The answers to the questions I  constucted are also going to be ansered below. 

Background Information 

About This Learner

Hello world! My name is Grace S. and I am 14 years old! I have three younger brothers and an older sister. I am originally from Plymouth, Michigan and lived there for 10 years until I moved to Hiroshima, Japan and I now reside in Shanghai, China. My whole family loves it here. One of my passions is the violin. I have played this instrument since fifth grade and I love it. I also love Taylor Swift and competitive soccer. I had a great time in Xizhou and can't wait to come back and create more incredible memories.