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For service learning, we obviously need an elder partner who has the ability to answer the questions we ask. In order to do that, they owuld need certain characteristics. Our elder partner should be at least over 70, though over 80 years of age would be more preferable. They should still be able to speak and hear relatively clearly, and be able to understand what we are saying. Because the dialect of this area is somewhat hard to understand, it would be nice if they could speak Mandarin. We also need them to be able to remember some of the important events in Chinese history, like the Chinese Liberation, or the Great Leap Forward. Obviously, they must be willing to be interviewed and recorded.

Update: Due to a power outage, we were unable to properly conclude our Service Learning project. However, we found a potential service learning partner, who may be willing to partner up with future Microcampus groups. Though we were unable to catch his name, he lives in the behind Happy Embroidery. Walk past Happy Embroidery and take a left, then follow the path until the end. His house is the smaller door next to the house that is under construction, though it may be finished soon. We would like to thank him for being so willing to cooperate with us, even if it never came to fruit.

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