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This is Phase 0, the beginning of our Inquiry Project. Here we choose our Inquiry Projects and answer a few questions from Mr. T. We are given an entire list of possible topics and descriptors, of which we pick one or a mix of two to focus on during our stay in Xizhou.

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This is Phase 1, where I will be building some background knowledge on my Inquiry Project topic as well as posing some big questions that I will be answering during my stay in Xizhou. In the Phase 0, I chose my topic.

What I Already Know

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This is Phase 2, where I will be collecting sources of information to find answers and maybe even some more questions. In Phase 1, I came up with ten big questions to focus my research on in Xizhou. To start browsing the Internet for online resources, I need to come up with a list of keywords or search terms, and some criteria for judging if a website is reliable or not.

Keywords or search terms for online resources:

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In this phase, I will collect information from local contacts, interpret facts, and find their relevance to the ten big questions I came up with in Phase 1. In Phase 2, I found local contacts and sources for information.

About This Learner

I am fourteen years old and I was born in Mountain View, California but have since then moved to Shanghai in fourth grade. Xizhou was an awesome place to discover more about myself and the "real" China. I still miss the clean air, delicious food, and friendly people of Xizhou. All active and future Microcampus students can feel free to ask me for advice!