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Approaching Departure Day as a Microcamper is, in Mr. Tafel's words, "terribly exciting" and definitely not something I want to forget. To make this pilot voyage as a junior higher to Xizhou the best, I've decided to look into the district's different beliefs and their histories. I believe there is fading interest in generation-carried traditions, the why and how of the few religions that are left. With this, I plan to participate in some of the activities hosted by the religious people here to get involved.

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Most of what I know about religion comes from textbooks from school. Everything else I know about religion playing a part in people's lives comes not from a curriculum but experiences I have with religion-related traditions.

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My information mainly comes from conversations with my first person resources. The other fraction of my information On April 1 and April 8 (both Sundays), 2012 I interviewed and got contact information from the Dali Old Town Church's (大理古城基督教)pastor, elder, and a church-goer (a woman with position in the church). Talking with these people I learned their stories of how they were introduced to this Christianity, and what they knew about the histories of Christianity in Xizhou.  What I know about the Islam religion in Xizhou comes from Ms. Du and Ms.

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Hi! I graduated from SAS Puxi in 2016.