Madeline C. (Alumni-A)'s Journal

April 10, 2012

Today in the morning we basically worked on our inquiry projects since they were due at 4:00 pm that day. Later at around 4:30 pm, Meera and I went to our service learning project's house. Her name is Ms. Yang and she is really nice. We asked her some questions and she answered us and gave us a tour of her house. 


April 9, 2012

Today there was a lot of work on our inquiry projects but right after lunch at around 2:30 pm, we went with a couple of local kids to a place next to the lake for some garbage pick-up action. We were separated into 8 teams and I was paired up with Harrison and two other local girls. We picked up a lot of trash and some of us also made friends. I found out that they were really surprised that I could speak chinese pretty well and it was kind of funny for me because they just had really confused faces on them. Overall it was really fun.


April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! Today was Easter and in the morning Madeleine, KT, and I went to Dali Old Town to attend a church service so KT can interview the pastor after the service. While we were waiting for the service to end, we walked around Dali Old Town worked on me and Madeleine's inquiry project. I got some information that I could use which was very helpful. Madeleine got a lot of information as well.


April 3, 2012

To be honest with you, this was the most tiring day of the microcampus yet. We left for Dali Old Town after lunch and headed there to buy our food for the next 2 days we were camping. After that, we hiked up the mountain which was so tiring because we had to carry our hiking bags up the mountain. When we arrived, we set up camp, I tented with Meera because she didn't know how to set up a tent and Madeleine roomed with Mirabel. KT roomed with Maddie. We ate dinner outside then went to sleep.


March 31, 2012

Today, it was a pretty chill day. Everybody's parents were here except for mine and Audrey's. Mr. Tafel offered Audrey and I to go camping again. We offered Bryce to come and he did. When we arrived at the same camp site, it was easier to set up the tents and the fire. It was basically the same thing so I'm not going to elaborate more.

During the night, it was colder than last time and I had to wake up several times because of that.




March 29, 2012

Last night, a group of brave, mighty, courageous kids along with chaperones, was whisked away to a foreign land to camp. Those who participated were: Madeline, KT, Madeleine, Harrison, Noah, and Shane Linden. The chaperones were Mr. Tafel and Ms. Mai. 


March 27, 2012

Today we had a math quiz, it was about quadratic graphs and how you use factoring to solve the equation. I found that quite easy once I know the steps. After that I kind of chilled a bit and at 5:00 pm we had a magic show performed by David where he taught us about sustainability, it was pretty funny. I learned a lot. I also watched a documentary starring David so I thought it was pretty cool.


March 24, 2012 

So today was the checkpoint of the first week of microcampus!! So basically today we had a catching up day where we would work on our school work or inquiry project. I didn't do much today except watch the movie "Inception" it's a pretty good movie although very complicated. In the morning, we reflected on our first week here at the microcampus.


I guess that's it, nothing much for today:)


Countdown till my birthday: TOMORROW!


March 21, 2012

I'm going to keep this blog short because KT and I made a video blog (vlog) on our trip there yesterday I will put the link at the bottom of this blog.

Hey there! I haven't updated this description in an embarrassingly long time. I'm currently a high school junior in Shanghai American School. I was in the Alpha Pilots Microcampus group and the experience that I had was something that I'll always remember. I decided that my project was going to be on the topic of tea and how it plays into the local Bai community once I saw the surrounding environment. Note to future groups: Enjoy the moment, take in the surrounding environment, and make friends with the locals. Also, don't procrastinate, that'll stop you from doing the things you want to do (I can say that with first-hand experience).