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Out of all of the topics that I considered, I chose textiles for a few reasons.  I love art but am not an extremely artistic person, so I figured that it would be a good idea to check out what types of art people make for a living.  I love tie dye and after learning that they had a specific type of craft here called the Batik, I was immediatly interested.  The Batik is a craft of tie dye, but it is also much more.  It is part of the identity of the Bai people; it supports their culture as well as their ecomony.  

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I already know that the word "textiles" is not limited to a certain product.  It could be tie dyed cloth, batik, embroidery or even something else such as pottery.  In my inquiry project I plan on focusing on tie dye and Batik.  I have learned that while Batik is often considered tie dye, this is a mistake.  Tie dye and Batik are in actuality very different, from the process to the materials used.  Batik is made by using wax to make the finished product look tie dyed.  While tie dye is produced by tying string around material and then submerging it into the dyes.

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After asking around the Linden Centre I have found out that the first person resources most likely to be helpful would be Mrs. and Mr. Linden as well as Li Ping. I have already talked to Mrs. Linden for a 3-5 minute chat (see Phase 3 for details), but I may need to talk to her again with more in-depth follow-up questions. Li Ping has general knowledge about most of Xizhou, so getting to talk to her would probably result in some new ideas and questions.  After talking to Mrs. Linden for a little while, I found out some very important information.

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Here is what I have learned so far about tie dye:

On Thursday March 22, I asked Mrs. Linden some questions and learned a lot.  
I found out that tie dye and Batik are two completely different products.

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The main point that I hope to share with my audience is how tie dye is made, and what it is like to buy or sell it.

 My audience for this point would be anyone that is interested.  For instance I could ask around middle school, and see if anyone wants to see my presentation.  If not, then I can always present it to curious teachers such as the art teachers.  

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