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This project will be about connecting with the fishermen and actually getting to know and understand them. I hope that I learn something as well as they do to. As I look ahead to my project, there are some ways that I think I can connect with the locals: making nets or actually fishing with them and actually experiencing what they are doing for a part of their day. I understand from Liping at the Linden Centre that early morning (4 or 5 AM) and late at night (not sure how late) are the best times to see them in action.

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Here is a summary of the information I found during my research:

Bai Li Ping works at the Linden Centre. I talked to her and she gave me the number of a local fisherman Mr. Yang.

Mr. Yang is a local fisherman. He took me out to some of nets and showed me some types of fish and shrimp. He also answered my questions on  salary steps of being a fisherman and when is good fishing seasons.

Ms. Li is a woman who fishes for a living. She talked to me about what she did, while she was fishing when she was fishing.

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When I report my findings, the main point I want to share is all about the job of the fishermen in the Xizhou, Yunnan area (Erhai Lake) as well as the techniques that they use.

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Hi my name is Noah. I am American. I lived in Saudi Arabia for 5 years, USA for 3 and China for 6 years. I am into politics and marine biology. I had a great time at Microcampus and am fully willing to help with anyone in need of research.