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Our service learning partner is Mr. Yang, he is 72 years old, and he sells clothes along the street to Si Fang Jie. 

I learned that he has 3 sons, and that one of them is in Australia, one of them is in Dali old town, and the third one is in Xia Guan. He lives not far away from Yang Zhuo Ran, he lives in the village next to our household. His childhood was like anyone elses, it was difficult and hard back then, but now things got easier.

Based on Mr. Yang, life was hard in the ancient times, it was really hard to get jobs, the economy was unstable, and there wasn't a lot of money. He didn't know a lot about the Xizhou history, because he didn't get the education needed.

Mr. Yang didn't respond to many of the questions relating to history, but he did say that life was hard back then, and how it was hard to get food, clothes, and money. But now he is happy and life is good.

It was very interesting asking a local about the past and present, to see their point of view, it was definitely a great experience. I wish that we could have more backup plans so that we can make the best out of our video and learn more things about Xizhou. For more elaborate detail click on my day 26 journal post here.

For the future service learning project students:

I highly encourage you to get out there, make lots and lots of connections, more than you need, and make sure you have a lot of backup plans.

Make sure you listen to all of Mr. T and Ms. Mai's instructions, because they know what's best for you, because they have had lots more expereience with this project and situations.

Get a lot of pictures and footage, because you will need it.

If your service learning partner decides to cancel on you, or you can't find one, do not hide it from Mr. T or Ms. Mai, tell them immediately, because the sooner the better, and because Mr. T and Ms. Mai will not only help you find a partner, but make sure that you are organized and have a plan, so that the same problem does not occur.


About This Learner

My name is Kelly, I am 13 years old and an 8th grader at SAS PD. I have been at SAS for 8 years, and I love it here. Other than the pollution and crowdedness, Shanghai is a very nice place to live in. I am originally from Hong Kong, where I lived for two years, then moved to Shanghai and lived here ever since. I am on the swim team, and was also accepted into AMIS. Living in Xizhou is a wonderful experience and I am thrilled to see what Xizhou has in store. Xizou is a beautiful place full of wonders and excitement, I am really glad to be here and hope to get the best of it.