Updated 1 year 3 months ago

This is the start of a learning journey and about why I chose topics or not. This journey eventually ends in a town called Xizhou exploring their culture and surroundings on a 28-day trip. This is to prepare for the 28 days of researching the topic of most interest to me. Many topics were taken into consideration but narrowed down into one that I will eventually study and report about. The topics that I am most interested in are "Local Plants and Insects", "Wood Carving/Door Making", and "Local Landforms/Geology".

Updated 1 year 2 days ago

If you have not seen my previous phases of this project you might want to look at Phase 0. In Phase 0 I looked through the topics and chose the one I was most interested in. I also looked at what the previous alumni had said about the stresses of micro-campus. The topic I chose was Local Landforms/Geography.

Updated 1 year 2 weeks ago

In this Phase, I will be reflecting on my background research from Phase 3 and at finding an expert on my topic via google scholar. I will be emailing the expert to get really good information that we can use in our inquiry project. In the later parts of this Phase, I will be talking to 3-5 adults about contacts that I should talk to in Xizhou and where I can find them. Finally, I will be looking at books I can get at the linden center to help me with research.

Updated 1 year 1 week ago

In Phase 0 I was narrowing down the three topics I had chosen previously to one topic that I am going to study in Xizhou. In Phase 1 I started to look at the knowledge I already had and where I learned that knowledge. In this phase, I will be gathering and organizing background information so later on, I can start asking the "Big questions."

Updated 1 year 1 week ago

In this Phase I will create an outline for my final product so I can easily follow it in the final production. In Phase 0 I looked through the topics and chose the one I was most interested in. In Phase 1 I was Creating questions that I could use in Xizhou to gather information.

About This Learner

I am 14 years old and really enjoyed Microcampus. I am Canadian although I was born in Shanghai, China and have lived there for almost my whole life. Other than the nine years I lived in China, I lived in Canada for four. I liked showing my learning of Xizhou into the final product. I had fun and learned a lot by creating the Service Learning video