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Welcome to the start of my learning journey, where I am fortunate enough to spend 28 days in a village investigating a chosen topic of high personal interest. We were given a long list with a strong variety of possible research topic choices. At first, I assumed that this would be a challenging choice for me to make, knowing all the endless opportunities corresponding with each project. However, when I began strolling through all of the descriptions, my eye was immediately drawn, as always, to the words "stories" and "people".

Updated 12 months 1 day ago

In the previous Phase 0, I have narrowed down possible inquiry project choices into one final topic: Happiness in Xizhou. Now onto the new step, Phase 1, I will be posing ten main questions that I would like to answer during my Microcampus journey. 

What do I already know:

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In the previous Phase 1, I have listed major questions that will guide me during my entire research process. Now in Phase 2, I will be searching for specific resources that will assist me when it comes to answering all of these questions. 

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In the previous Phase 0, I have narrowed down three possible research topics into one final choice: Happiness. In Phase 1, I took that topic and posed specific questions that I would like to answer on my Microcampus journey.

About This Learner

Hey! I'm Becky, and I have called SAS my "home" for around 10 years now. If there was something you had to know about me, it would be the fact that I am extremely passionate about traveling. I suppose that is one of the many reasons as to why I was so drawn to the idea of Microcampus. Now that I am actually here, I can not help but say this place has not disappointed. It is truly a beautiful experience to be able to hear the stories of the community and to truly connect with so many people.