Updated 1 year 10 months ago

Once again on the 23rd trip of Microcampus, 16 eighth graders prepare to leave the "Shanghai bubble" for their 28-day journey in Xizhou, Yunan. All 16 of us were given a long list of projects we could focus on for the 28 days. When I first started to scroll through the list of the topics, I did not know what to choose. Then I started to realize that I would only stop and read the descriptors for topics that had to do with stories and food. I started to find topics which I could get unique stories from.

Updated 1 year 9 months ago

In Phase 0, I narrowed down the list of inquiry projects and chose the topic of people watching and made an overall plan to what I will be doing when I get to Xizhou. In Phase 1, I will be researching my topic and coming up with 10 questions to help guide my Microcampus journey. After coming up with the 10 questions, I will be coming up with possible answers from my background knowledge.

Updated 1 year 7 months ago

In Phase 1, I reflected on what I knew of my topic of body language, where I had learned these things and what I want to learn when I get to Xizhou. I also did some background research on body language. Afterward, I came up with 10 questions and possible answers to these questions. In Phase 2 I will be looking back on the keywords and sources that I used for my background research and finding helpful resources to help me further my understanding of body language.

Updated 1 year 7 months ago

In Phase 0, I chose the topic of people watching from a list of inquiry projects. I also made an overall plan on possible ways I could learn about people watching in Xizhou. In Phase 1, I thought about the things I already knew about people watching and where I had to learn them. Afterward, I thought of the things that I would hope to learn more about during my adventure in Xizhou.

About This Learner

I'm 13 years old and my favorite hobbies are to bake and do crafts. I am originally from Taiwan, however, I have only lived in Taiwan for a year. This is my 8th year at Shanghai American school. I awent to Xizhou and enjoyed the environment a lot. Although the place is different from what I expected, it is even better.