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28 days, 16 eighth graders, and 1 common goal, to learn about the culture and history of Xizhou. Out of a long list of inquiry topics, all sixteen of us chose one topic we were interested in. When I looked through the inquiry topic list, I continuously asked myself three questions: Am I actively engaged/connected with this topic? (Why?) What is the purpose of learning this topic? What would be the ending product of the learning and research?

Updated 12 months 2 days ago

In Phase 0, I selected my topic I will be exploring in Xizhou, weather. In Phase 1 I will be posing meaningful questions, in regards to my topic that will help me during Microcampus.  

What I Already Know about the Weather

Updated 12 months 2 days ago

In Phase 1, after I did some background research, I developed ten major questions surrounding my inquiry project, weather of Xizhou. Right now in Phase 2, I will be reflecting back on my research and sources and I will be searching for useful resources that might help me answer my ten major questions or new questions that were developed. 

Updated 1 year 4 days ago

In Phase 0, I have chosen my inquiry project topic to be the weather of Xizhou. As a part of Phase 1, I am interpreting data and information in Phase 3 to guide my research and pose questions.

Background Information (from Phase 1):

About This Learner

Hello, I am thirteen years old and am now a Microcampus alumnus. In Xizhou, I studied the weather of Xizhou and have developed many life skills I will use in the near future. Microcampus changed me as a person a lot in a beneficial way and this experience is absolutely incredible, with the view, things we learn, and the kind people in our community. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I appreciate truly.