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Wow ... how wonderful to hear about Saturn and the shooting stars! What a lovely welcome to the time in Yunnan. So glad to hear that after the long journey, everyone is settling in. The rooms look comfortable and homey. Also great to hear that the students are already learning how to do the dishes! :) 

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How fortunate we are to see the faces of 16 excited 8th graders at 5:15am ready for their journey. Let the experiences begin!!!

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Good morning Matt!


You've only just left in the wee early hours of the morning, but I wanted to let you know that we already miss you. It's quieter here this morning for sure! Your brother, Cam, says hi! He was wondering how long your flight was and what did you see during the bus trip to your final destination. Let us know. We hope the trip today was uneventful, but that you had an opportunity to "take in" that part of China. Have a great first day!


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Wow ... I can hardly believe that Micro Campus starts in a couple of days! I think Matt's excitement is only matched by my anxiety over letting him explore the world (almost) on his own. Karl and Cam and I will miss him a LOT and we look forward to hearing about his experiences ... the good ones and the bad ones. We will certainly watch the blog with great interest over the next month. Good luck to all of the "campers"! Have fun out there.

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I am so grateful that Christina has the opportunity to take part in this experience - go girl! Christina is passionate, and enthusiastic person, and I look forward to reading about her adventures. James, Margaret and I, are excited for her and will miss her while she is gone.  We will all have to be a little larger than life to help make up for her absence! With our oldest at university after a number of "expat years", James and I appreciate opportunities such as these, that allow our children to independently observe life from a different angle. Here is to stepping out!


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I'm excited that Aneka is going to Xizhou as part of the first mixed Pudong and Puxi group! I look forward to hearing about her experiences as well as the group's, during their stay at the microcampus. Coincidentally, our family made a trip to Yunnan last spring and we happened to visit the Linden center. It was the last day of the Puxi group of students who were all so happy with their stay and experiences. Xizhou is a really neat place and the Linden center quite unique! I think the kids will have a very memorable experience!

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We are so happy that Graham is able to participate in such a wonderful program.  This is a once in a lifetime experience that we know he will remember and cherish for a lifetime. 


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Our son Andre will be part of the September microcampus group.  I can't express how excited we are to have such an amazing opportunity available to him!  Andre had a job in farming this summer (called 'working the corn') and now has a new interest in how farmers sustain a livelihood in such a weather-and-nature-dependent job.  Knowing he will get to explore this topic of his choosing, and to speak Chinese out of the regular context of telling ayi about his day, makes us so proud.  A month is a long time though - can't pretend I won't miss him like crazy!

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How are you feeling?

Is this difficult to accept that this is over? Are  you all ready to come bacK home?

I am so ready to  welcome my boy back home and to meet him,

I am so happy to see him again and to share his moments thorugh his own voice.

I want to thank all the sutdents, teachers, personell who made this dream possible and

had the strengh to have accomplished the goal that is to return wiser, more aware of other people circumstances,

closer to each other as friends and healthy!

My recognition to you all!


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How strange it is that what make someone happy
Can make someone cry!
We as parents are so exited to welcome back our children
Although they are sad to have achieved they target!
Many many thanks for helping our children grow stronger
Independent and confident!
Best regards,

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Hi Microcampus Parents -

I had a chance to say "hi" to Mr. T tonight when I was on Skype with Jillian, and I brought up with him that it would be great to have a post-microcampus get-together or dinner soon after the group returns back to Shanghai. Your thoughts? Ideas?


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Hello Colton:  thanks so much for your jour journal entries--I enjoy reading about your experiences.   I am very excited to hear about your inquiry project and your learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine.  How was the tea plantation visit?

I do hope you are feeling better and that you can keep up on all of your studies and your projects.  How is that trumpet doing?  Please keep practicing .................I know you are busy, but maybe it can help relax for a minute. :

Very proud of you being so brave ....never fun to be sick away from home (or anytime)!


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Hey Kido! How you doing!

The weather here is changing and it has become colder again.

Sofia is studying really hard because she starts her IB tests this Thursday.

Patricio went to tennis today and has been very calm. Papa went to Chong Qin and then Beijin,

he will come tonight and he will stay for two nights to flee again to Nanjin maybe Friday coming back the same day.

Are you having a break this Wednesday?

The SAS is close, are you planning to do something special there?

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It has been exactly one week since you left, Aidan, and we are now settling into some sort of "new normal" around the house. We aren't moping around wondering what you are doing every minute, like we were last weekend, but you have left an empty space in the house. Everything seems a lot quieter;  although, when you are home, you aren't at all noisy, compared to your brothers -- who are maybe just a little less noisy, now, because you are gone.  The house seems a lot bigger, too, because you're not here filling up the space you usually take.

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Hey Lucas,

How are you gordo? Been thinking about you and hope all is well and you are enjoying the weekend. I think you mentioned you would be camping out this weekend, so I hope you have fun. What a chance to really see all the stars! We are getting ready and excited for our birthday dinner tonight----and that your dad will be arriving this afternoon. Hopefully we will talk to each other tomorrow night on skype! Can't wait to hear how the camping trip went...

Love, Mama