Day 27

Our last day here was bittersweet; sad that we had to leave, yet happy that I had a good experience here and could take the memories back home with me. I think that this trip helped me realize a lot about myself, such as that I don't like change at first, but will get used to it and even enjoy it after a while. I also realized that I love a diverse city like Shanghai, but enjoy the peacefulness and view of XiZhou too. I think I will want to come back to this place again. It's remarkable how such a tiny village changed us. Or is it how we as tiny people in the universe feel the great impact of the gigantic skies and towering mountains? All I know is that I'll miss this place.

Today, I worked and worked and worked on my service learning to get it done. I think I spent over three hours on it, and the finished product was presented during service learning sharing time. Most of the elders in the videos showed up, and the event lasted for an hour and a half. It was cool to know the lives of these people, considering you don't often ask them, therefore missing out on an interesting story. After dinner (with a chocolate cake from the Linden Center), Sabrina and I rode went biking for fun. Though it was the last day, I think I worked really hard, and felt really good afterwards.

The Jammie awards (Microcampus awards ceremony in pajamas) was so funny! Among the awards were 'best hiker', 'best tent-erecter', and 'best biker'. There were also funny ones such as 'needs most improvement in talbe manners' and 'excellence in banking and financing'. We had extra food that wasn't eaten yet brought to the jammies. After, I packed the remaining stuff and went to bed.


Happy for you!

Hi dear,

I'm so glad that you learned so much in such a short time! You've learned about a new and different environment; you've learned from lots of interesting people; you've learned how to plan your schedule and being productive; you've learned that it's essential to find the topic interested you most so that you will enjoy the process of  working on your project;  you've learned how to solve problem on your own when you face difficulties after you've dealt with your own emtions; you've learned about yourself and noticed the changes in yourself during this period; and many more. I've noticed that I've learned so much at the same time as well. I've learned that you can only learn more if I let you deal with your own difficulties completely; I've learned that waiting for you to ask for advice and to be encouraging and supportive to all the decisions that you make is more helpful to you; I've learned so much from all of you and your friends' inquiry projects. I'm very looking forward to see all of your service projects! And can't wait to have you back home!!

love, mom.

Hi! My name is Audrey... I'm really excited about Microcampus. I've never been to an area like that, and I'm looking forward to the fresh air and nice weather. I hope to learn how the people there live, as well as exploring the area and comparing it to Shanghai. Hopefully, I'll gain a great experience out of this trip.