Journal #27- Campire/ Smores

April 10th: I love fire. I'm also scared of fire... but I love fire. The part im scared of is just being anxious that the fire will get out of control. With that aside, I still love to be around fire. Today, close to sundown, we were able to go to the lake, and build a campfire. Since, there was space and time, about six people stayed back to actually camp. For the non-campers, we had to start collecting fire wood the second we got there. As the sun slowly went down, we were able to collect enough twigs, dried leaves, and grass to start a small fire. Once the small fire started, we had to becareful about the wind putting it out. After some hard work, and persistence, we were able to start making smores with a big fire! At first, I was just taking pictures, and wasting time just staring into the fire, but the hungrier I became, the more I was hoping to eat a smore. And I did! I was so happy... it was my first my first "real" smore! I enjoyed it up till the part where I could taste the  wood in the marshmallow. :). Overall, I loved this experience and cant wait to do it again with my family!

 My favorite picture of the fire :)



Hi! I am currently a high school student at SAS Puxi, and a Microcampus Alumni. I wanted to participate in Microcampus since I had always stayed near home, and wanted an adventure. The trip was a fun experience as I was able to meet people from all over China. I would love to help any current/future Microcampus student with any questions they have!