Day 16: The Weird Thing is...

Is that despite the fact that my inquiry project is on Bai Minority clothing, I don't really like fashion.

Why I chose the project is simple:

To use elements of Bai Minority clothing in my own artwork and design.

My Ideas for my final project:

Bai Minority Headress: Shanghai Style.

Re-make a Bai Minority costume out of alternate materials. 


Hello, I'm Madeleine. I was in the pilot Microcampus program in 2012. In Xizhou, I researched Bai Minority Clothing because of my interest in the patterns and embroidery on Bai clothing. Though a seemingly lackluster topic, I found that my project became less and less about clothing, and more about the preservation of traditions in a village that is becoming more and more exposed to the world outside of the valley. I welcome you to take a look at my project, and see how my ideas and thoughts had developed over the course of a month!