Journal 24: S'mores by Er Hai

April 10th, 2012

Today was pretty much a normal work day. We had to work on finishing up our projects that are due by the end of the week. 

Some of us brought marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers for S'mores, but we didn't get a chance to eat them during our long camping trip. So, tonight Mr. Tafel put together a trip to Er Hai for us to build a bonfire and cook our marshmallows. I brought a bunch of chocolate. We got to the spot right before the sun went down, so we didn't have much time to collect wood for the bonfire. We split up and walked around the area looking for burning wood. We got a bunch of big pieces and dry leaves and such. Just before it got dark, Madeline used a lighter to try and start the fire. We started with the dry leaves because they burn the easiest. Madeline had to try lighting the fire a few times before it stayed lit. Then we added bigger and bigger pieces of wood until we had a steady fire going.

After the fire started, we had Madeleine and Noah coordinate the S'mores goods so that everyone got a fair number of S'mores. I burned my first marshmallow on purpose and ate it plain. My second one I made into a failed S'more that didn't have melted chocolate. It was still good though. After that, I ate the rest of my marshmallows plain because they are still good that way. I like to burn my marshmallow, eat the outside, burn it again, eat the outside, until there's nothing left. Ms. Stagg also told me to cook two marshmallows at a time. She said that you try not to burn it, so that the top gets crispy but the inside stays gooey. Then you pull the crunchy top off the marshmallows and eat. Of course, you do that again and again until both marshmallows are gone. I don't think I managed to make it through both marshmallows without burning them. Anyways, the marshmallows were very yummy, and something I haven't had in a long time!

I am an alumnus of the Microcampus program. I visited Xizhou with 10 other students in March of 2012 as part of the pilot, Group A! I am now 16 years old and attending high school in the United States as a junior. I was first interested in Microcampus because of the amazing travel and environment experience it offers. My time in Yunnan has inspired me to join other unique team programs throughout high school, such as Odyssey of the Mind and the FIRST Robotics Competition. In all the years it's been since I left Xizhou, I still haven't seen grass so green or a night sky with so many stars!