Journal 19: The Moon

My Inquiry project topic has been changed from Education in Xizhou to Bai Minority clothing. The most noticeable aspect of the Bai clothing is the headpiece worn by women, which is supposed to symbolize the snow, wind, moon, and flower. Because in my Phase 3, I am only supposed to have brief descriptions of my findings, I decided to write my 18th journal about how the Bai minority values the moon, and why it is a symbol in Bai clothing, art, and culture. 

Each of the Symbols have to do with the valley of lake Erhai, and the natural elements and geography of the area. The center of the Erhai valley is the Erhai lake, which is symbolized by the moon. Apparently, during the mid-autumn festival, people head to the middle of the lake to admire the full moon's reflection.The Bai people believe that one night after the full moon is actually the most beautiful night to view the moon, when the moon appears slightly golden.

Hello, I'm Madeleine. I was in the pilot Microcampus program in 2012. In Xizhou, I researched Bai Minority Clothing because of my interest in the patterns and embroidery on Bai clothing. Though a seemingly lackluster topic, I found that my project became less and less about clothing, and more about the preservation of traditions in a village that is becoming more and more exposed to the world outside of the valley. I welcome you to take a look at my project, and see how my ideas and thoughts had developed over the course of a month!