Day 12, 13, 14 (:

Day 12: 

SPRING BREAK! WOOHO! Sorry for that rather obnoxious burst of excitement. Day 12 at the microcampus was supposed to be a fishing day, but it got cancelled. Luckily, we had another trip planned last minute to Zhoucheng. Zhoucheng is famous for Bai embroidery and tie dye, and that's exactly what we did there. We sewed butterfly patterns, but my butterfly was less than spectacular. What would my grandmother say, eh? I was fascinated by the dyeing technique. I've seen similar patterns in the Shanghai area, but I was told that those were made using wax? I don't really know. After the tie-dye, we went into the Zhoucheng Sifangjie. Zhoucheng and Xizhou seem pretty different from one another. In Zhoucheng, there are more people wearing traditional clothing. The  Zhoucheng sifangjie is bigger, and is more of a marketplace set-up than a "food court" place like Xizhou. There is a tree in the center of the town as well. 

Day 13:

Day 13 At the microcampus started the family visit! We had to get our Phase 2 done, and then most of our families arrived. I was honestly a little bored waiting around for my family, and I could have spent that time doing better things. I feel a little stressed out regarding inquiry work. There's a lack of inspiration, honestly. Education is something that I've grown up with. I guess eventually you have to find your own interests and get to know yourself. Am I honestly that interested in education? I don't even know anymore. 


Day 14: 

My Mommy and Daddy are here! Haha. It was so nice seeing them all day, walking around with them, and talking with them. There was such a familiar sense of comfort around the whole place. I didn't talk to my sister that much, but just seeing her was nice. I ate dinner with them and walked around Xizhou with my parents.  I felt like they talked to me in a different way for whatever reason. I can sort of tell that they think I'm getting a good experience out of this. I think I am at least, just because I'm getting to be more independent. For whatever reason, It makes me more confident for the third trimester and grades/school/responsibility in general. I'm overcoming a lot of my bad habits as a result of this. 

Hello, I'm Madeleine. I was in the pilot Microcampus program in 2012. In Xizhou, I researched Bai Minority Clothing because of my interest in the patterns and embroidery on Bai clothing. Though a seemingly lackluster topic, I found that my project became less and less about clothing, and more about the preservation of traditions in a village that is becoming more and more exposed to the world outside of the valley. I welcome you to take a look at my project, and see how my ideas and thoughts had developed over the course of a month!