Days 17-19

DAY SEVENTEEN: Camping and hiking! We left after lunch on Tuesday, first took a bus into Dali old town. We went to a supermarket and bought our 'groceries', food to eat for dinner and lunch tomorrow. Sabrina and I bought two packs of dried beef (turned out useless because it was immensely spicy), apples, dried yams (very, very hard to chew), almonds, coconut bread, and water. The hike was tiring, but not overly exhausting; I think using my hiking stick helped. However, going uphill with a 50L backpack made me feel weighed down. I was trememdously relieved when we arrived at the campsite on the tea plantation (the same one we visited earlier on this trip). A bunch of people just fell down on the grass and lay there. We set up our tent, and it had to be pretty secure, because it was windy at night. Sabrina said it felt like we were on a ship; one side of the tent was partly presed down by the wind.

DAY EIGHTEEN: We woke up and ate a breakfast of fruit, carrot-cake-bread, and banana muffins. Then, we set out on a hike to the waterfall (also same as last time), but this time, I took pictures. We chilled there for a while, it was like terrace time, but not at the Linden Center. We contimued hiking up to a steeper hill, and while some people hiked ahead, four other people and I rested in a clearing and ate banana chips. Going downhill, though less tiring, The afternoon wasn't planned, so Katie, Sabrina, Madeleine V, Bryce, and I played cards. We played Egyptian rat slap and speed. I learned the game Spud, and played with a bunch of people, thought I didn't think the game had a point. Oh, and freeze tag in high altitude is harder than you imagine. I enjoyed relaxing and not having to worry about work. That night, we ate at a restauraunt near the campsite. It was fun, because we got to order our own food based on the selection of meat and produce. There was no menu, only the food. We ask for the food, and they'll cook it. It was pretty delicious. We had tomato with egg, duck, lima/broad beans, stir-fried vegetable, and rice. I actually slept pretty well that night, even though we were in a tent.

DAY NINETEEN: We got up at 6 in the morning to pack up and hike downhill. This took a way shorter time than going up. We wanted to go to Dali old town to see the third month festival, which was a major Bai minority celebration. Though we missed the horse races, we went into the streets with vendors selling their wares. Katie, Madeleine V, Madeline C, Sabrina, and I ate slightly spick fish/beef/lamd kebabs. They were spicy, but so addicting and made me want to eat more. Sabrina and I also got some sesame desserts. We ate lunch at Bakery 88, and I had a salad. I liked it, and I think that Bakery 88 had awesome wheat bread. This restaurant is probably one of the better ones in this town. After we took our bus ride back to Yang's guesthouse, I was so tired. I unpacked, took a shower, rested and read, and ate a dinner that wasn't coconut bread and almonds. We celebrated Mirabel's birthday with chocolate cake (happy birthday Mirabel!). That's basically it.

Picture 1: Waterfall

Picture 2: Trail

Picture 3: Mountain flower

Picture 4: Dali festival kebab vendor


Hi! My name is Audrey... I'm really excited about Microcampus. I've never been to an area like that, and I'm looking forward to the fresh air and nice weather. I hope to learn how the people there live, as well as exploring the area and comparing it to Shanghai. Hopefully, I'll gain a great experience out of this trip.