Day Thirteen

I have decided to change my inquiry project. My previous project wasn't working for me; I wasn't interested as I thought I was in the original topic. I changed it to the embroidery, and I'm considering whether to choose the process/creation of it or the economic aspect. Though it's already almost 2 weeks into Microcampus, I plan to work super hard on it, and I think I can get the project done properly with support from all of you. Please comment with ideas and any form of help you can offer! Thank you, I really appreciate it.

I returned to Happy Embroidery, a shop where embroidery is made and sold. I just wandered for an hour, asking questions to Ms. Li, who works and teaches at the shop. She's extremely friendly, and I plan to return there tomorrow. She offered to teach me how to embroider a basic flower; I'm seriously looking forward to it. I saw a bunch of embroidery for sale. There was work done by students, which was cheaper, smaller, and not as complicated. And there was embroidery done by people with over a decade of experience, such as Ms. Li herself, which was extrordinarily beautiful. I went into a back room, where there wasn't work from students, but only larger, more delicate pieces. There will be more updates coming soon on my re-written inquiry project pages (Phase 0-2). I also found out that the building is about 70 years old, but some of the woodcarvings on the building was removed/destroyed in the cultural revolution, I assume because embroidery was considered for the 'wealthy class'. But the business restarted again, partly because the owner wanted to give the Bai girls a chance to learn a skill other than farming.

I guess the Happy Embroidery shop will be my 'classroom' for the next two weeks. I hope I get to meet the owner and get to know Ms. Li more. Overall, I think this is an interesting new opportunity, and I only hope I can complete all my work. Cheers to everyone who's willing to work with me for the next two weeks!

Picture One: Ms. Li embroidering a blue lotus flower

Picture Two: Silk thread

Picture Three: A finished piece


Go for it!

If you find embroidery more interesting and really want to go deeper into the subject, I am happy for you as well. As long as you will try your best to work hard on it. Hope you really get to learn so much more!! love,mom.

Hi! My name is Audrey... I'm really excited about Microcampus. I've never been to an area like that, and I'm looking forward to the fresh air and nice weather. I hope to learn how the people there live, as well as exploring the area and comparing it to Shanghai. Hopefully, I'll gain a great experience out of this trip.