Day 9: Sha Ping and Kindergarten

Today went went Shopping. At a place called Sha Ping. I wonder if the people that go regularly realize how wonderfully puntastic that is. During microcampus, we’ve made over 400 puns. I started counting them during meetings as a way to pay attention, but I kind of got tired of counting and eventually just started making estimates. Anyways, at the Sha Ping market, Madeline Chen and I went around and looked at all that the market had to offer. I bought baby doll shoes for my sister’s dolll, and perhaps too many apples. I swear, we went to one stand and ate the best apples in the world! Even with my braces, the small, flavorful apples aren’t troublesome to eat! After Sha Ping, I got a start on my project by visiting a local kindergarten. The student’s shy, adorable faces were  so cute! I read books to some of the kids, one girl in particular. She kept on playing with my hair, and had a fascination with a Dr. Suess book that we brought to the Kindergarten. She loved asking me the names of all of Seuss’s nonsensical characters (A Nupboard in the Cupboard, a Noothbrush on My Toothbrush). I looked at their workbooks as well. The kids are learning pinyin, and I wasn’t aware that they taught that in school nowadays. Apparently, their math workbooks are incredibly advanced for their age level too. I remember when I was three years old, my schooling was much more informal than theirs- we sat and read and did small addition and subtraction workbooks, stacked blocks according to size, and did a lot of puzzles. Here, the three year olds are sitting in a classroom all day. It’s pretty interesting to watch. The head of the kindgergarten said I could come back anytime! 



Hello, I'm Madeleine. I was in the pilot Microcampus program in 2012. In Xizhou, I researched Bai Minority Clothing because of my interest in the patterns and embroidery on Bai clothing. Though a seemingly lackluster topic, I found that my project became less and less about clothing, and more about the preservation of traditions in a village that is becoming more and more exposed to the world outside of the valley. I welcome you to take a look at my project, and see how my ideas and thoughts had developed over the course of a month!