3rd day

One thing that everyone talks around here is if we should be missing is our parent's. It makes you think should you miss them or not(no offense). I would like to quote something Mr Tafel said  "Parent's grow up twice once for themselves' and one for their kids" I thought about that saying and it makes sense they still have to learn to love, learn to let go and learn to grow up. That is what microcampus is learning to let go and grow up as well as learn about the Chinese culture. So that's just my thoughts in day 3, Noah signing out.


We are Proud of You

We look forward to further blogs, and are very proud of how well you are doing so far away.   Your interests will only add to your wonderful personality and exciting future.  We love you and are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Hi my name is Noah. I am American. I lived in Saudi Arabia for 5 years, USA for 3 and China for 6 years. I am into politics and marine biology. I had a great time at Microcampus and am fully willing to help with anyone in need of research.