Oversleeping/"Xizhou Pizza"

March 18, 2012

Today during before breakfast, my roommates and I overslept! We were supposed to be downstairs at breakfast at 7:30 am but we woke up 7:26 so everything in the morning was a rush. Later on though we explored our village area with Bryce as the tour guide. We went into an embroidery shop called “Happy Embroidery” where we saw some beautiful pieces of art hand-sewn by the ladies who worked there. My favorite one was of the two peacocks. We walked to the town’s square and I ate “Xizhou ba ba” for the first time. It is kind of like a Xizhou version of pizza. There were two options, sweet and salty, I got the salty kind which wasn’t really salty at all so I had to add some salt. When we got back to the Linden Centre, we split up into groups and had rotations, I was doing the bike riding rotation first where Shane and Bryce took Harrison, Audrey, and I down to the lake along with Ms. Stagg. The water in the lake smelled really fresh. When we got back, we had to learn how to do chores around the house. Today was a very productive day for me inquiry project wise. I finally narrowed it down to what I wanted to do. Although I wasn’t feeling up to par, I think overall it was a pretty good day.


P.S. We had a movie night and watched “The Truman Show” starring Jim Carrey and it was really cool.

P.P.S. Today is my friend's birthday, happy birthday!


Pizza and project

We are all envious of those of you on this trip. We know that you will learn a great deal about China and yourselves with these experiences. I look forward to reading all about what you experience. Please keep us up to date on the new cultural exeriences.

How beautiful!

Wow! The embroidery looks so sophisticated!! How long does it for them to make a this master piece of two peacocks? And with how many people working together?

The lake also looks amazing with all different colors of blue! I really enjoy your photos as well.



Thank you!

Thank you, interesting! Really admir those ladies who learn to embroidering and patiently working on it for month or even years for a piece that we get to see today! Wow!


so that is what Xizhou baba looks like!  Pleased to see someone took some pics for the rest of us to see.  Enjoy your time there.


Mmm, I miss that pizza. I stayed at the Linden Centre last summer and the pizza in the village was one of the many things I miss.

Hey Madeline

Hey Madeline

I really enjoyed reading your post and I'm excited to hear that your project is on tea.  Being a Brit this is a topic that is quite close to my heart...or my stomach round about 4 pm each day.  Anyhow, I wanted to let you know of a news segment I heard this morning on the BBC about using Panda waste to produce tea from China.  This tea will cost some $200 per which makes this tea perhaps the most expenseive cup of tea in the world.  Check it out if you can and if you need help finding it let me know.  Till then, all the best, Mrs Hundley


Hey there! I haven't updated this description in an embarrassingly long time. I'm currently a high school junior in Shanghai American School. I was in the Alpha Pilots Microcampus group and the experience that I had was something that I'll always remember. I decided that my project was going to be on the topic of tea and how it plays into the local Bai community once I saw the surrounding environment. Note to future groups: Enjoy the moment, take in the surrounding environment, and make friends with the locals. Also, don't procrastinate, that'll stop you from doing the things you want to do (I can say that with first-hand experience).