Phase 2: Finding Helpful Resources

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Here are the people that I can possibly spend some time picking their brains so that I can sort of analyze how they think-

Starting with Locals-

  • Horse Cart Driver (Always waiting near the Si Fang Jie)
    He's very different from the other people that I'd met on this trip. While the others saw us as more "outsiders", he seemed to be willing to accept us as simply "riders." When one of us had dropped our wallet (while sitting on his cart), he was willing to search the entire stretch of road that we'd walked by, spending a large amount of his time to eventually find the wallet. Looking back, I can see that that choice was at the 6th level of Kohlberg's moral reasoning, something that I feel is worth investigating during my time here. 
  • Mr. Yang
    Mr. Yang has practically been here forever, helping with the guests at the Linden Center. I wish to know how the people he's met have changed him, and how he sees the world after meeting people from all around it, even though he himself has never traveled past the borders of Xizhou. How has this view changed him? How has it changed his views of the world, and more importantly, his morals?

Then the Linden Center Folk-

  • Bryce & Shane
  • Bryce and Shane are brothers that have been living at the Linden Centre for years. They go back to the US every summer, but other than that, their experience of the world is mostly secluded to Xizhou. How has this changed their values and morals? How are their morals different from ours, who have been attending an international school, and getting a bit of influence from almost every part of the world? 
  • Brian Linden
    Mr. Linden is probably the most interesting person that I could have met here. He spent so much of his life in China simply trying to find a place for others to get a bit of peace and quiet, and seems to not need anything for himself. There are definetly special reasons that he decided to create the Linden Centre. I doubt that he was having a burger one day when the urge to start a hotel suddenly struck him. Why did he decide to make this incredible hotel so far out away from the city? Why Xizhou? The questions I have for him are endless.
  • Frank He
    Frank's original home is almost 2 hours by car from here, in a similar village. He seemed to be really nice, and had no qualms about talking to us and being friendly. I guess I want to know why he'd come all the way from his old home to work here, and what really makes do what he does. 

Continuing on to the people back home and here with me-

  • Noah
    Noah is one of the people that everyone goes to to talk about their problems. Something about him makes you trust him, and he also happens to be one of the people that came on the Microcampus experience with me. A lot of people see him as the "future president of the United States", and to tell the truth, I kind of do too. Strange, but true. I guess I want to see what it is about him that makes people trust him so much, and I have a hunch that that's sort of based on his morals. 
  • Derek
    Derek has been my friend for almost 10 years now, and is right now one of my best friends. He's been going to the same school, growing up in the same environment, and has been faced with the same oppurtunities that I have for the past decade. Strangely, we've grown up to be very different in almost every aspect, with the exception of us having the same sense of humor. How have we grown differently in the past years that we've known each other? I guess that's kind of what I wish to figure out.
  • Jeremiah
    Jeremiah (prefers to be called jeremy) has been somebody who always sees every side of things. When faced with a dilemma, he always goes into turtle mode (trying to avoid the problem), but when he needs to make a choice that he can't avoid, he always seems to come out of the situation making a choice that everyone agrees upon. He's also one of my best friends, and I think that even though I've known him for so long, I hardly know anything about him, which is strange. 

And then, finally me-

  • Me
    I've been spending my life on a sort of instinctual moral reasoning. I don't really think about my choices, prefering to simply look at the two options and picking the one that seems better. The reasons usually don't play a big part in that, I simply think about what I can do, and my mind instantly clicks on what I should do. I want to find out what kind of reasons my mind thinks of in the short times that I make certain reasons. I guess I want to learn what kind of moral reasoning I sort of operate at, and what ways I can use to make myself operate at higher levels.

Key words for Internet Searchs

  • Moral Crisis/ Moral Dilemmas
  • Moral development Theories
  • Morality
  • Kohlberg
  • Psychology research morality
  • Justice (Michael Sandel)
  • Morals
  • Values

Finding outside sources.

Name: Johnathan Haidt
Contact Info:
Credentials: Department of Psychology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
Reasons: Johnathan Haidt is another researcher in the field of Moral psychology, and chose to "propose a fourth principle to guide future research: Morality is about more than harm and fairness. more research is needed on the collective and religious parts of the moral domain, such as loyalty, authority, and spiritual purity." After reading parts of his paper, I was intrigued and decided to ask him to look over my project.

Name: Ben Fraser
Contact Info: 
Credentials: Ph.D., Australian National University, 2010
                       B.A. (Hons), University of Queensland, 2003
                       B.Sc., University of Queensland, 2002
Reasons: Ben Fraser worked with Joshua Knobe in writing a moral judgement vs casual judgement paper that seemed to have views on certain points that I'd never thought of before, and I was wondering what kind of mindset he had, and how he'd view my project from his eyes. 


Hi. I'm Harrison. I've lived in China most my life, and haven't really gone anywhere else. Short vacations and camp trips are all I really have of living someplace outside of my cozy little home. As a result, I thought that the experience I could gain from living in Yunnan for a month, taking in the sight, living the life, would be the best thing I could do right now for my own experience.