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Be humble enough to see your mistakes, courageous enough to admit them, and wise enough to learn from them. - Amine Ayad

This was the quote of the day. After thinking about this quote, I felt that this quote was something that was important here in Xizhou, and back in Shanghai. There are so many people, including me who aren't able to see our own mistakes, and brave enough to admit those mistakes.

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Quote of the Day: “Be humble to see the mistakes, courageous enough to admit them, and wise enough to learn from them."

- Amine Ayad

Today we celebrated two people's birthday: Erin and Jasmine. We celebrated their birthday and ate cake and ice cream after lunch and before the Inquiry Project time. These are the second birthdays of the 2018 Microcampus trip, with Pepjin's birthday coming up in less than a week.

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Yesterday Phase three was due before five four five. Today was our first day to start and finish Phase four. We sat down in classroom at 1:15 and started to work on it. It took most people until 3:00 to finish. Phase four was about creating an outline for our final product. After completing the Phase in one day I felt really productive and for most people probably a weight was lifted of their shoulders. Just as we started the other parts of our day it started to rain, then pour.

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The fields unfolded behind the column of trees, behind it was the school building, white yet painted with a hint of orange under the afternoon sun. He was near the grey marble stairs, waiting. His hair was short and black and dotted with white, right eye slightly bigger than the left and black-rimmed glasses slightly worn of its color. Hard to imagine him as a young man of eighteen or less, what he did, how he talked. Yet the passion of youth still remained in him as seen with the words he said and the steps he took, across the field, towards us. 

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Today, we finished our Phase 3 and talked about what would happen tomorrow. Based on the research I have done, I think my thesis statement is: To understand Bai music is Xiazou, one might consider the economics of making music, the theory of Bai music, and the preservation of Bai music. I think these three points should be what I focus on because those were the ones I did most research on. I also am very interested in those three topics. Tomorrow, we will be planning our final product in just one day and finish our product by Sunday.

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Today is the last and final day of field research. In other words, today is the last day we are able to go outside and learn more about our inquiry topic by communicating with the local citizens of Xizhou. Knowing that it is our last chance today to do clarification, I asked for an extension so I could learn all the techniques necessary for me to complete my final product in the near future. As usual, I spent all two hours of my extended field research time in my favorite place: Happy Embroidery.

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Today was a normal day up until I went to bed. But one difference was that at WIPPIS I realized all the other still times I had been outside sitting or in the courtyad staring at the sky. Today I went to the terrace. The terrace has a great view of the mountains and of the traditional houses around Yang Zhuo Ran. I realized that it was much more peacefull and nice being here than sorounded by other people having voices pop in your head. On the terrace I can think about me and what I want to. The only sounds are the chirps of birds the wind on the leaves.

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Today was my final day of inquiry project field research. Even though this was my last day doing inquiry work it was indeed the most frustrating. At the beginning when I started to look for someone I could have a good conversation with, I was getting rejected continuously by preoccupied restaurant owners. But in the end, I had a really interesting conversation with Mr. Ma, a noodle shop owner. He was very nice and willing to talk to me. Which showed me no matter if some people don't want to talk to you, there are always people that want to talk to you. Mr.

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"Look! A Ballerina!" I peered out the window, curious about who the ballerina was. At first, I did not see anyone, so I went out to the hallway and peered down. When I realized who Sofia was talking about, I had a tiny smile within me. Turns out, the dancer was just one of us, Erin S., This just made me wonder if I was so naive when I was younger, which I think would be pretty cute if I actually was. 

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The petals blew in the wind as if it was in slow-motion. As Jasmine, Becky, and I walked down the street, we watched as the flowers blew in the wind. I remembered my first time walking down this street, on my first day of Microcampus. As the date draws nearer, I had made it my goal to make the days count rather than counting the days, but I couldn't help but reflect on my past experiences here.

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Today is our final day to work on Phase 3 of our Inquiry Project. I felt a little left behind because everyone is working ahead on their projects and I am still answering questions from previous Phase 1. Through all the efforts and information I have learned while conversing with villagers, I realized that I have a sense of idea on how to create my topic and the different sections for information. My problem was: How will I ever be able to do it? Fortunately, I found out about my issue soon enough to be able to know how to solve it.

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Today was my last day for my inquiry project. I had 9 days to talk with the people in the village and 18 days to become a part of the Xizhou community. During the 18 days, I think I have changed a lot. First, I have grown and second, I have changed. I have grown both mentally and physically. My height has grown, but more importantly, the way I think and my mind has grown a lot. The new experiences and enjoying life in Xizhou has made me grow. Also, even though my goal was to learn about other people's hobby and stress, I have learned about myself. I have also changed in many ways.

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Today is the end of our Phase 3 work. From the December of 2018 all the way till the March of 2019, we all worked pretty darn hard on our inquiry projects. I've never been so dedicated to a single topic for such a long period, and all we need right now if just a final push. The service learning projects officially begun as the inquiry projects gradually come to an end. I can't believe 18 days passed already, warning us that there would only be 10 more days left in Xizhou.

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Not much has happened today yet. Phase 3 is due, but I am on track and is nearly complete with everything. It is really nice outside; the sunshine brightening the atmosphere significantly, basking everything in light so details were crisp and scenery was refreshing. It is warm as well, the kind of warm that makes one sleepy if they stay in one place without doing anything for long. Emotions today are sort of mixed; the feeling of having everything in place yet knowing that the hard part is yet to come, feeling mostly complete yet incomplete at the same time.

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Family are like branches on a tree; we grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.

The sacred time... or to be clearer, the time where we are able to chat with our families. 

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Today was a pivotal day of Microcampus. During the morning meeting, Mr. T shared a bunch of information and due dates and requirements we had to follow. It was really scary. It was a lot to take in and process, so naturally, I began to stress out about the whole thing. As the day progressed, I realized that I was just wasting my time. Stressing about something wasn't going to get me anywhere, so I decided to prepare for it instead. I learned a lesson today. Rainbows only come out after it rains. 

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Starting to create the final product. Step by step chose the cloth, any designs need to be drawn on the cloth, tightening all the strings, boil the cloth, chose the color of dye, dye it, oxidize, wash, final product. It took me about 2 hours from choosing the cloth to dyeing the product. At first, I thought that I couldn't even start the process because the workshop has crowed with customers and consumers. They were like batches of robots, the second batch in, the first batch out, in and out, in and out. Looking at them, I started thinking: Would I even get a chance to start my thing?