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Today was day 25, and I had a bad mood. First of all, I couldn't go out for wellness. The work took more time than we thought nobody wanted to go out. Today was the last day of wellness, and I couldn't enjoy the perfect weather. Second, it was lonely. Since I had some conflicts with friends, I did not have anybody to talk with. It was really disappointing myself of how bad I was at maintaining a good relationship with my friends. The more the day passes, it seems like I get see the flaws and big problems of our group. I think negatively and cannot be enthusiastic about my work anymore.

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At 10:10 pm last night, I heard a sudden rush of water flowing in the water pipes in my room. I sat up straight almost immediately and turned the knob of the faucet in the bathroom. Out came a steady stream of water that was absent for the past two days. WATER IS BACK! Yesterday, our host Yang Zhuo Ran ran out of water due to the electricity outage. Because of our high elevation in terms of the area in Xizhou, we were the last ones to run out of the water but also the last ones to retrieve it when there was an outage. It was only until last night that I found that this is a big problem.

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Throughout the first 22 days of being in Xizhou, nothing has gone terribly wrong apart from some less meaningful days with less meaningful conversations, either because they did not have time or simply did not want to have a 13-year-old bother their somewhat perfect afternoon. But the past two days had been quite disastrous. On day 23 of Microcampus, we did not have any electricity, no lights, no charging, no wifi.

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This is our last week. 

A few more days later and we will be back in Shanghai. 

This is no perfect happily ever after ending, as we will be leaving our home away from home: Xizhou. 

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Today was the first day that I am fourteen. Turning fourteen in Microcamous is a really nice experience. Walking out of my room in the morning and everyone in the morning said happy birthday for me. Walking to breakfast I got two amazing cards from my Microcampus family. The cards I got showed how close I have become with all the Microcampus students. Especially a few students that I barely knew before I now consider as really good friends.

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As I was walking back from snapping a photo for my group's service-learning partner, I guided myself along the zigzag path that Yang Zhuo Ran, the place that I have been staying, is located in. While walking down that path, I saw a lady carrying 5 large jugs of water, 3 jugs on a weaved basket-bag on her back and 2 jugs in her hands.

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Today, we celebrated the fourth birthday of Microcampus. It was Pepijn's, and before him, there was Xander, and Jasmine and Erin on the same day. Mr. Tafel told us that usually, there are only about one or two birthdays per Microcampus trip, so we were quite the lucky bunch. The cake this time was a chocolate-mint one that Ms. Braverman got this morning from Dali Old Town. Since Pepijn's father worked at the Oreo company, we prepared oreos as well.

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Today I woke up and I was ready for a hot shower and hot food. I went to turn on the light and heard what sounded like thunder but I just thought someone must have been moving a chair or table. The light did not turn on and I started to realized what had happened. The shower was cold, really cold. We walked into the dining hall and there was no food, and no kitchen staff. We waited and eventually, Mr. T got out the food. Then the sky fell down... April fools! Today was also April fools but no one played any pranks.

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When I woke up today, I tried to turn on the lights. After a few flicks, I realized that they could not turn on. Then I remembered that yesterday we had an electrical problem and that it continued today. Turns out, this wasn't the case. Today's power out was because of the storm in the morning. We had to walk 20 minutes to the Linden center to charge our laptops and continue out Service Learning Project. Hope this doesn't happen again, especially since we are so close to the deadline.


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I finished a book today, which was titled, "Althea and Oliver". It reminded me of some John Green books, such as "The Fault in Our Stars" or "Paper Towns". This book, though, was different. It tells a story about how a boy and a girl whose best-friend relationship became tarnished by a syndrome the boy, Oliver has called Kleine-Levin Syndrome. This syndrome is where teenagers, mostly boys, sleep for a long time, around a month or two. This reminded me a lot of my time here in Microcampus, like a disappearance for a month or two.

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Today, electricity came back and we were able to use our WIFI and lights in our rooms again. It was scary how much we didn't know how much we relied on electricity, I had always thought I would be fine without electricity, but when there was no light and WIFI in real life, it was really difficult and sad. 

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Fate has pulled off another April fools trick on us Microcampus students. 

As I woke to the low rumbles to the thunderstorms, I knew that something was not right. There was no light on. Not even the sky. Pitch black darkness greeted us.

"The lights are still out!"

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Today marks the first day of a new month, 1/4 of the year has officially passed by. Today marks a new beginning. As today is the first day of April, we were jumping in and down in the courtyard, hoping to fool or trick someone into one of our plays. As a joke, my roommates wanted to trick others in the group by saying we do not have electricity due to the outage yesterday which dragged onto today. But when we woke up this morning, trying to get ready for breakfast and the day, we realized there was actually no electricity at all. Our plans for a joke fell apart, it backfired.

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Last night just before I went to bed looking up seeing the huge variety of stars. Sitting next to Jake and Alan thinking about how great Micrcampus has been so far. I can not believe the trip is almost already over and having to go back to Shanghai. We have done so much over the past weeks, making connections, doing our field research, service learning project. I believe that we have done great this trip and have made it a fun and interesting one for all of us.

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Storms are normal, as the weather just does what it does. Some people like storms more than other people and some people don't like it as much. Weather sometimes is good, sometimes is bad, other times, it doesn't do anything good or bad. It's just neutral. Today, the storm wasn't that good for us, as it cut off the electricity, so we do not have electricity for the second day in the row, which also means no hot water for showers. 

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I woke up to a classic alarm clock and found myself staring at the dark ceiling. I then quickly tiptoed into the bathroom to brush my teeth. As a natural habit I have grown into the past month, my hands fumbled on the surface of the wall in search for the light switch. My fingers felt an elevated surface and I pressed the switched as I waited for something to happen. Nothing. I pressed the button again receiving the same response. An extended day of an unexpected blackout. And this time nobody is prepared for it. When I went out of my room, it was still dark outside.