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Watching the audience watch our service learning video was like nothing I have ever seen. Before I used to watch my own product along with my audience and now watching the audience watch our video, I see their emotions as if I took a trip inside their heads. At some parts of the video, our service learning partner seemed to smile and chat with her cousin sitting next to her. While other parts, she seemed more serious due to some sensitivity in the video that has affected her and her memories.

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Today we had our service learning sharing with the community, It was really fun to have an audience of fifty plus guest. I am glad that all the people that came to watch where entertained and surprised by what was being said in the videos. Our task as the creators of the video was not to sit in the audience to look at the final product with our partner, but what we had the chance to do was try something new.

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When our video started, my group sat facing the audience, so that we are able to see the reactions in them. Through the dim lights projected from the projections, I saw glimpses of Mr. Tan's face. It was our time to share our Service Learning video to our audience, and we were so honored to invite Mr. Tan to come to watch our product. Through the video, Mr.

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I created my service learning video with the help of Erin, Evan, and Emily. Mr. Tan owns a local shop that is a couple of doors down from Yang Zhuo Ran. He was born during a time when China was in chaos, and everyone was living in poverty. His old career was as a photographer. He opened up a photo booth even though it was illegal. Mr. Tan was forced to farm as a teenager and adult and not allowed to go to school. Mr. Tan did not continue his hobby of photography because he thought it was pointless.
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When our group shared our final service learning video with Mr. Yang today, we were able to see all the reactions he had corresponding to it. During the entire film, Mr.Yang would look at the projected screen with excitement and intensity. He would often lean over to his friend, Mr. Yan, and he would proudly tell him with a smile on his face that "This is me! That was when I was young! Look at my hairstyle back then!" Mr. Yang's excitement really gave us the approvement we needed, as he seemed so very proud of it. 

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When showcasing our video, we were to sit in front of the audience instead of with them. This is for us to be able to observe the reactions of the crowd, and more importantly, the reactions of our service learning partner. The audience this time was huge: a lot of the Linden Commons guests, SAS visitors, Mr. and Mrs.

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It was a long day after preparing final and last-minute preparations in the morning, from burning DVDs to visiting our service-learning partner, Ms. Qin. Furthermore, the venue had changed, further complicating the already busy day. We arrived at Bao Chen Fu (the third site of the Linden Centre) and we helped our service-learning partner sit down. We watched one groups' video before standing up and arising to the stage. I was quite nervous before the event, though when I was currently there, there seemed to be no reason to be nervous.

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The day was spent indoors so perfectly, as if created to serve this purpose. Perhaps the burden was meant to be carried inside, and all the screaming and frustration meant to be kept inside, to avoid inconvenience for any other. 

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Today, the 4 groups shared their Service Learning video in front of Linden Center staffs, Linden Center guests, and the 4 of our Service Learning partners at the Linden Commons, Bao Cheng Fu.

We went to escort our Service Learning partners. Our partner is Zhang nainai and she is not from XIzhou.

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The rain poured more often these days, with stronger velocity and strength, crushing the canola field under its ruthless crashing. Yet through the fields, below roofs, men and women still stood, dressed in a generic red and gold, taking wedding photos that perhaps they thought was more romantic under the rain, but from a stranger's eyes, it was just two fools and a cameraman on the side, stroking his stubbly beard that wavers on the edge of disappearance. 

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Today we presented our videos to our partners. Mr. T made us sit in front of the audience and observe their reactions to the video. I specifically focused on Mr. Tan, our Service Learning Partner. When I first met Mr. Tan, I thought that he was a very boring person who does not like to have conversations with others. When we observed him and did our bee role film, everything was of him sitting down and sleeping or setting up his shop, not very interesting. Today, I observed him watch our video. His reactions and facial expressions were something I have never seen before.

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It is time. The last full day in Xizhou is counting down. No more daily meetings. No more fighting for restaurants. No more texting Mr. T everywhere we go after today. Some of us might still have the chance to return, but it will never be the same without the people from our Wildfires team. Sadness washed over me as I began to pack my luggage and say goodbyes to the new friends I had made here. I want to thank Mr. T and Ms. Mai for their guidance, patience, knowledge, and at last, unconditional love and support for every one of us.

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Today, our group completed our Service Learning video and we handed it into Mr. T for some Pearls of Wisdom. He generally seemed very happy with our group and seemed very pleased with our video as well. There were some little things that we had to change, but all in all, we did a good job and I am so proud of our group. We all worked very hard to make this project work and I am so excited for the showcase tomorrow because then other people will be able to see the work we've done and it will be a very good thank-you message for the community of Xizhou. 

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After Mr.T's Pearls of Wisdom, supporting teach check, then once again Mr.T's Pearls of Wisdom, comes to an end of service learning video making and editing. Tomorrow will be service learning sharing our findings with the community and saying a big thank for 'hosting' us for 28 days. As we are wrapping up for inquiry project and service learning, we appreciate all the members in this community not only the ones that helped us through the projects but also the ones that were behind the scenes, thank all our Yang Zhuo Ran participants, and our Xizhou community. 

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"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all love of what you are doing or learning to do." - Pele

Today was the last project work day. Although most of us probably did not want to keep working for the whole day, we did. We worked hard and used perseverance to stay on task. Throughout the 3 checks for our Service Learning videos, we learned and learned. We studied Chinese beforehand to be able to translate the video. We sacrificed free time to make our video the best we possibly could. 

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Today, my group and I worked on our videos for the whole day basically. Our service learning partner Ms. Zhang has many stories and experiences that she shared with us, and we wanted to make sure that we portrayed them in the best way possible. We are really excited to show our video to Mr. T for his feedback, and we are so happy that we got to have such informative conversations with Ms. Zhang. I really hope she likes our video. Also, the end of Microcampus is starting to get closer and closer, and I am really sad about that.