Wildfires - Inquiry Project

What is an Inquiry Project?

All Microcampus students spend a significant amount of time each week devoted to investigating a topic of high personal interest that relates to the Xizhou area. Students actively seek and depend upon the wisdom of the people living in and around Xizhou to support their active investigation into their chosen area of interest.

During their exploration of one of the wide range of possible topics, students will be supported by a framework for inquiry that features the following four main phases:
    1) Posing Real Questions
    2) Finding Resources
    3) Interpreting Information
    4) Reporting Findings
The process is designed to be cyclical in nature, however, and will involve plenty of reflection, questioning, and reframing their research as new information is found. All student work will be made public during the research process online; it is hoped that readers will provide feedback to students during the research process and follow along as the students report their learning.

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Updated 12 months 2 days ago
lifan01px2023's picture

I am Evan S and I am one of the members of the W group Microcampus members. Starting from March 9th, I will travel to Xizhou for 28 days and do research on a topic I am interested in. Like all the other Microcampus members, I was given an inquiry project list to choose a topic to do research on in Xizhou. When I was looking through the long list of possible activities, I realized that there are way too many topics to learn in this community in such little time.

Updated 12 months 3 days ago
dora01px2023's picture
Hello! I will be spending 28 days in a village called Xizhou, Yunnan, a province in China. I am currently still in Shanghai, and just selected a topic I would want to investigate more about. I was only interested in these three topics: love and marriage, religious studies, and local spirits/stories/legends. I did not struggle in trying to narrow my selections to 3-5 choices, but instead, I struggled on narrowing these three topics to one.