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 My group for service learning includes Erin, Aakshi, and Me.

Our Service Learning partner was Mr. Zhao who works as a guard in Yang Zhuo Ran. He is 61 years old and his full name is 赵利民 and he is a retired construction worker. He was born in Xizhou and has lived here all his life.

Through our experience of interviewing him we learned that he was a retired construction worker who worked for 30 years in Xishuangbanna, an autonomous region in Yunnan near Thailand, going back and forth from there and Xizhou. He wishes that he could have had more education as a kid, but because of the cultural revolution, he only studied up to 6th grade which is the end of elementary school in China. He likes Xizhou and like many others, thinks that Xizhou has changed for the better since when he was young.

By talking to Mr. Zhao, we learned that during the Cultural Revolution Xizhou was a really chaotic place and many people were unable to attend school. At that time, many people were also unable to achieve their goals/dreams. 

My group and I walked to the front of the classroom and introduced ourselves to the audience which consisted of local students, Microcampus students, Mr. T, Mr. Linden, two TV crews, some staff, and Mr. Zhao. We had a quick intro about Mr. Zhao and we sat back down. The video started and I was kind of nervous something would go wrong or it would be bad, but it worked even though our sound quality was bad. I think sharing my group's video with our partner was a good way to show him what we had made as thanks to sharing their life story with us. 

As for the next Microcampus group, I have a few tips. First off, do not stop looking for partners, our group resorted to partnering with Mr. Zhao because after two weeks of looking, we still found no one or they did not want to be video taped. Second, film from many different angles and get lots of pictures. This way you clip has much more variety instead of one angle. Third, make sure you have your partner's face, it does not matter if you are in it or not. Finally, have someone very strong in Chinese proof-read all of your subtitles, some clips had a lot of mistakes.

We're at Xizhou! Let's get to the point, about me... well, I'm 14, I was born in Boston, lived in Connecticut, moved to Hong Kong at the end of third grade, and I came to Shanghai at the end of 5th grade. This is my first year in SAS. I like photography, chemistry, and I've just started archery (tiring after a couple days in a row, but fun). I joined the group a little late. Not much else to say, I'll add stuff when I think of it.