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From Mr. Zhao, I learned that true kindness can’t be turned off. He always has a smile on his face with a positive attitude behind it. 

Because of the service learning project, I learned that many of the elders in XiZhou have watched this down completely transform for the better. My hometown has seen little upheaval and has had no drastic changes since they drove horse buggies.

I learned that from China’s radical flip, people’s lives flipped too. You can still see the effects of this time today. During the revolution, Mr. Zhao had to quit his education to make money for his family, but now, he has two houses.

Service learning presentation day journal entry:

“Wow. What an amazing day. Today was our day to present our service learning videos and all the hard work was completely worth it.  What service learning is, is where we interview elders in the village and make a video of their stories to preserve their memories and their stories. How amazing would it be for someone long after we die to watch this movie and see what their great great grandfather was like. That's just.... wow.

What I love about service learning is that we are always taught that to do community service, you have to give money or build a house or set up a food drive. But that gives the idea that you are above the people you are servicing. And as Mr. T puts it, all we are doing is setting up a big mirror so that this village can see how amazing they really are. I think that means so much more than any other community service I have done. There were definitely some watery eyes in that room. That bond can not be replaced with any amount of money.

Mr. Zhao was our partner in this process and at the end of the video, he said some things that were so touching... we will miss you too Mr. Zhao!!

Here is the link to our final product:


From Microcampus student to Microcampus student, my recommendation would be not to worry about the little details and don’t stress. Don’t think of this as a project that needs to get done. Think of this as an opportunity to meet and learn about the amazing stories the people of XiZhou have to tell!



I am soo excited for you..a journey..but even more a spiritual journey..there is none greater....i am by your side all the way..with prayers for guidance,and strenght and faith,and a open mind ..take it all in like a sponge..you my Sweetie will come home with sooo much knowledge..that will help guide you along the path of your life;s journey..i send gentle(hugs)..May the Creator watch over you and the Angels guide you..Namaste

Spiritual Awakenings

How does the spiritual journeying of others stimulate your own journey Cassandra?

I have had a life time of different experiences with other religious traditions, customs, beliefs and yet it all boils down to what am I doing to spiritually awaken myself in my own practice, moment by moment... I hope this is helpful and does not hinder... Namaste and big hugs!!

Wow, your adventure in Xizhou

Wow, your adventure in Xizhou must have been amazing. I'm hoping to go to microcampus one day, and I'll definitely think of it as an opportunity to meet and learn about people in Xizhou. Because if I go, I won't want to be stressed out. I also have a question for you, what would you do if you get sick and you have to turn in your project in the very next day?

Hey! I'm Cass! I love exploring and I am loving this amazing adventure! I am so excited to continue diving into the mysteries of spirituality and discovering the beautiful things that the world has to offer!