Ready or Not

Right now I am feeling very happy and grateful that I get to be one of the 16 students chosen to go on the winter Microcampus journey. My friends Kate and Chuli, who had their first day back at school today, talked on and on about how amazing their experience in Xizhou was. They also gave me tips that I hope will be useful during my stay. One thing that I am very excited about is the scenery there, since one of my passions is photography. Not to mention that I will be able to capture pictures on more natural scenery, compared to Shanghai's busy city life. Hope all goes well! 

Hey, my name is Nicole and I am currently 13 years old. I was born in San Francisco, California and my parents are from Taiwan. Throughout my life I have moved 5 times so I am a pretty social butterfly. Leadership and taking risks are things that I feel confident at. Photography, dance, and swimming are my hobbies and passion. I had a very delightful time exploring new cultures on my microcampus experience in XiZhou and will miss it deeply!