Inquiry Topic: Local Food Products/Cuisine


Local Food Products/Cuisine is the topic that I am going to study while at Xizhou because cooking is relatively important to me. I have grown up visiting my Great Aunt every summer and spending time baking and cooking with her. I also really love cooking because every treat or meal is different, resulting in a new experience every time I cook. From the topic descriptors that Mr. Tafel has provided, if this is the topic I choose for Microcampus, I think that I will need to be open minded, thoughtful, respectful, and precise to guarantee I have meaningful interactions with the village and its community members. I plan to fully understand the techniques of the Xizhou culture's cooking and make new experiences that I can hopefully learn from, while studying this topic. I am hoping that Mr. Tafel will allow me to begin learning about how the food is made and then follow the process back to where the food first began. The farm. I am really interested in the whole process. From farm to table. 

My name is Taylor and I am 14 years old. I enjoy learning new things, pushing myself past my limits, reading, spending time with the people I love, playing sports, being active, and having fun. I am a spunky, athletic, creative person. I like to bake and be in nature. I feel my best when I have had enough sleep, healthy food, and had a good laugh. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to spend time in Xizhou. Throughout my time in the village, I was able to push myself past my limits, make new friends, learn, and have a great experience. I made many connections that I will forever have a place in my heart. The village of Xizhou and it's people have truly changed my life.