Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 6 years 9 months ago

The main point to be made with this final product is what kind of stages of moral reasoning I believe are for myself, and, I hope, others. My main audience for this is myself, because these are the stages that I plan to apply to my own life. I do hope, though, it can be made in a way that, like Kohlberg's theory, the ideas can be universal.

The information that needs to be shown with this product is where I get these ideas, and the respect I have for the people I am basing this off of. I think that in a project like this, the main tool to represent it is a paper, or essay. By grouping the moral reasoning with certain people or ideas that I have come across during this experience, people may be able to figure out why I admire or wish to mimic these people and/or ideas. With this, I hope I may be able to shine some light on the reasons these are some of the stages in my newly developed "theory."

Hi. I'm Harrison. I've lived in China most my life, and haven't really gone anywhere else. Short vacations and camp trips are all I really have of living someplace outside of my cozy little home. As a result, I thought that the experience I could gain from living in Yunnan for a month, taking in the sight, living the life, would be the best thing I could do right now for my own experience.