Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 6 years 9 months ago

My main point that I hope to share with my audience is the process pu'er tea goes through in order for it to be ready to be sold. My audience for this is might include people who enjoy tea or want to learn more about the process of making tea. People touring the Xizhou/Dali area might be interested as well because my information will help them to know more about the local tea that is grown in the area.

Other important information that needs to be shared is how trading works on the Tea Horse Road. I should maybe also put a little bit of the history of pu'er tea just to give people who are watching a better idea of where pu'er tea comes from. I think I'm going to use iMovie and make a video to share my ideas so I can not only write what I learned but also show them through video as well and explain it.

Hey there! I haven't updated this description in an embarrassingly long time. I'm currently a high school junior in Shanghai American School. I was in the Alpha Pilots Microcampus group and the experience that I had was something that I'll always remember. I decided that my project was going to be on the topic of tea and how it plays into the local Bai community once I saw the surrounding environment. Note to future groups: Enjoy the moment, take in the surrounding environment, and make friends with the locals. Also, don't procrastinate, that'll stop you from doing the things you want to do (I can say that with first-hand experience).