Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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Previously, in Phase 0, I was looking through lists of inquiry project topics and choosing the ones that interest me the most so that I can study one topic while I am here. In Phase 1, we posed our 10 big questions that would guide our research in XiZhou. In Phase 2, I was finding helpful resources to prepare us for our research in XiZhou. In Phase 3, I found background information when I was still in Shanghai and wrote down what I learned in XiZhou from 2 weeks of talking to the locals. In this Phase, I will be planning my final project to show my findings and experiences from this trip.

Final Products Completed by Microcampus Alumni

I have looked at 3 Microcampus Alumni's work. Maggie H. from the Quicksilver group did an iMovie of her personal journey in XiZhou learning about plants and insects. She had a very organized and well-sequenced movie. It was also very interesting and catches my attention because she was not just sharing facts, but what her journey was. It was very touching and I feel like I have a connection to her personal journey because I am on this trip too. Her written section of the final product was also very organized and reflective of what she has done. I also looked at Jie Ling T. from the Nutty Narwhals group. She told one specific legend Mr. Du told her with an iMovie. It was a very interesting story and the sound effects and pictures portrayed the story very well. It added a lot of feeling to the story she told. Her movie and written were also both very organized. The last Alumni's project I looked at was Ivy F. from the Cookie Monsters group. She made a website (click here to go to her website) instead of an iMovie like most people. Her topic was making a travelers guide for the food in XiZhou. During my Phase 3, I used her website as background research. She introduced a lot of the best restaurants I eat at when I am here. Her website is very organized and visually pleasing. I like how she even made a map of SiFang Jie so that even before I arrived in XiZhou, I have an idea of where each shop was and what SiFang Jie was like. Her written part of the final product was organized and I like how she added an acknowledgments section.

Type of Project

There are 6 types of projects we can do. Change over time, perspective, personal journey, product, "could I survive...," and Wikipedia article (not suggested). I chose to do a product because I felt like it was the best way to show what I have been learning in XiZhou. Since my topic is legends/stories on the local food in XiZhou so I thought a storybook would be a great way to tell a story of legend. I decided to do a children's picture storybook to show them a story about the life on Ms. Zhang. A XiZhou Baba vendor who is great grandma was one of the inventors of XiZhou Baba.


My audience for the book is mainly kids, but technically everyone can read it just it will not be very meaningful to others because it is a kids picture book. I chose to have kids as my audience because most people would think that it would be the easiest to do adults or teens our age. Kids are the future of our world and I feel like they should know about lifestyles and culture of a small village. They will expand their knowledge this way and notice these places earlier than I did. I have never even heard of XiZhou before people started to talk about Microcampus. The future of our world should learn what these places are like not just as a tourist but the bottom of the iceberg things like stories, values, tradition, and procedures.


The purpose of my product is to inform and inspire young kids. I want them to learn about a culture different from theirs. I also want to inspire them to come out and connect with people in different places on earth other than their "in the bubble" community. I want to inform them about this small village in Dali and this type of food that is very well known. Tourists only know that it is special and that their friends suggested this type of food. I want these kids in the future to know how this food is preserved and why this food was invented. I want to inspire them to talk to people and connect with them. They can read this book and get everything but when they look back on this book, I hope they can learn that this is what someone can get from just talking with people they have never met before. I also want them to preserve XiZhou Baba because the younger generation wants to go out of the village and so there will be fewer places selling XiZhou Baba that has traditional methods.

Hangers and Hooks

My hanger for this project is a product. A hanger is the type of product we will be producing (see above for types of hangers). My hooks are Ms. Zhang when she was a kid, a young adult, and a middle-aged adult. Hooks are the three main points I will be talking about to show my hanger. My thesis statement is: In order to write a children's picture book about Ms. Zhang and her experience with XiZhou Baba, one must consider her life as a kid, young adult, and middle-aged adult.


The media for my product is a digital children's picture book. I chose this as said above is because kids are the future generation of our world and community. They can make a change to our world and they will learn this information earlier than most of us. They can also learn about this pretty little village in Dali, Yunnan, China. I can show how I interacted with Ms. Zhang a lot more locals to learn this information. Also I wanted it to be digital so that more people can see this book. Also it would be easier to share with people because I do not need to give them physical copies to people who can not reach me.


I. Introduction
      A. Introduction to Microcampus
            1. Staying in XiZhou for 28 days
            2. With 5 other students
            3. What an inquiry project is
            4. Also about our personal journey
      B. Topic
            1. Legends/Stories on the local foods in XiZhou
            2. Focused on XiZhou Baba
                  a) Then Ms. Zhang
C. Thesis
            1. In order to write a children's picture book about Ms. Zhang and her experience with XiZhou Baba, one must consider her life as a kid, young adult, and middle-aged adult.

II. Ms. Zhang when she was a kid
       A. Watching her mother make XiZhou Baba
       B. How her great grandma was one of the inventors of XiZhou Baba
              1. Surname is Yang
              2. Why XiZhou Baba was made
       C. She knew she was going to be making XiZhou Baba for a living
               1. She knew she was not going to finish school
       D. She felt a bit excited
       E. How XiZhou Baba was made then
III. Ms. Zhang when she was an adult

      A. Making XiZhou Baba herself
      B. Supporting her family
            1. Young and Old
      C. What her everyday life is like
      D. Her dad's feelings about her making XiZhou Baba
IV. Ms. Zhang when she is a middle aged adult
      A. Watching her son make XiZhou Baba
            1. Feelings
            2. Thoughts
      B. Her son not wanting to do this
      C. Teaching her son
V. Conclusion
      A. My feelings toward Ms. Zhang
      B. Hoping to preserve traditional methods of making XiZhou Baba
      C. Restate thesis in another way

      D. How much XiZhou Baba and the village has changed

Based on my plans made in this Phase, I will be showing my final product, reflection and introduction to my final product and the process leading up to it in my final product page.

My name is Annie Y. I am part of the Superior Microcampus group. As of March 4, 2017, I arrived in Xizhou. We stayed in Xizhou for 28 days. Those 28 days has been such a unforgettable experience. I got to connect with the people here. They were very nice and welcoming. The weather was really nice. There was pretty blue skies and puffy white clouds. I miss everything about Xizhou and the Microcampus experience.