Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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So far in Phase 3, I have already collected all my information, made connections, and been through a lot of experiences. In Phase 3, I went out into the village, and talked to locals about my topic - tie dye. I have sources and information along with some answered questions from Phase 1. In Phase 4, I will be Preparing to Share and Emerging Ideas, this Phase will allow me to explain my connections and emotions among these villagers and among my topic.

The projects I took a look at were Miranda M., Jeffrey Z., and Rena J. I thought that Miranda M.'s project was really interesting because at the beginning of the trip, I also wanted to focus on embroidery as well, but leaned toward tie-dyes. I really like how her project not only focused on the facts, but also with the local connections she made. As I watched Jeffrey Z.'s project, I saw the really cool images and sketches he made on his laptop that relates to his topic, and that gives a good visual for the audience. For Rena J.'s project, I thought she did a good job on focusing on her topic as well as her connections made with locals, and because her topic is tourism and development, she talks and communicates with people and makes connections.

For my project, when I make it and present it, my audience would be the people who want to learn more about how I communicated and connected with Xizhou and the information I collected for the past month.

My projects needs a main thesis, and my main thesis for my project is going to be: In order to investigate the impact of the tie-dye industry in Xizhou, one must consider the impact on the producers, the salesmen, and the customer. 

The media I will create is a movie, where I will be putting all my information and experiences into. A movie will allow me to show pictures and recordings of all my content.

I. Intro

Microcampus is a program that chose 14 students in eighth grade to participate in a trip in Xizhou, China. In Xizhou, we are to choose a topic to study, and go around Xizhou to learn more about that topic as we are making meaningful connections. My topic for this trip is tie-dyes, where my thesis for my project will be: In order to investigate the impact of the tie-dye industry in Xizhou, one must consider the impact on the producers, the salesmen, and the customer. 

II. Hook 1 - Producers

- Income

- Preservation of cultural traditions

- Social purpose/role


III. Hook 2 - Distributers

- Income

- Draws attention 

- Cultural pride


IV. Hook 3 - Consumers

- Souvenier/memory

- Connection fo culture

- Clothing

- Decoration


V. Conclusion

- Overview journey of tie-dye

- Emotions on my topic and people I interacted with

- Restatements of hooks


I have finished emerging ideas for phase 4 where I organized information and created outlines for my project, and now I will move on to my Final Product, where I will create my movie.




My name is Kelly, I am 13 years old and an 8th grader at SAS PD. I have been at SAS for 8 years, and I love it here. Other than the pollution and crowdedness, Shanghai is a very nice place to live in. I am originally from Hong Kong, where I lived for two years, then moved to Shanghai and lived here ever since. I am on the swim team, and was also accepted into AMIS. Living in Xizhou is a wonderful experience and I am thrilled to see what Xizhou has in store. Xizou is a beautiful place full of wonders and excitement, I am really glad to be here and hope to get the best of it.