Phase 3: Interpreting Information

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This is the start of Phase 3 where I will be completing my background research and answering any questions there were in Phase 1. In Phase 0 I chose the topic dreams and aspirations. In Phase 1 I answered important questions about my topic and in Phase 3 I will be further looking into the background information. I will also be finding local contacts in the village in order to make the background information easier along with answering previous questions in Phase 1.

Background Information (from Phase 1)
China daily went around rural China to ask the family what they want for their children. They focused on Yunnan and asked families there many different questions, this is commonly known as the 21st-century generation survey. They asked the families what are their family values. The 5 answers that were most commonly given are Kindness, Honesty, Humility, Integrity and Bravery. With these family values in mind, it tells a lot about how the children were brought up and raised. I can draw conclusions of what sort of dreams they might have[3]. The interview also talks about how kids in the rural area understand the social inequality[3], They see themselves at a disadvantage to other kids who are at a higher social position. This also can influent their dreams. 
Since Yunnan is quite a rural province they experienced the hardships of the Cultural Revolution[2] Many of the people who did experience the Cultural Revolution have kids of their own. Since their parents did not have the opportunity that they have they will want their kids to have a better life. Possibly the experience the parents had will influent their decision on what they want for their kids.[2]
A story done by Retro UK[1] on Chinese migrants said that many migrants with kids want them to have a stable job. This means the parents want the kids to have a stable job[1] with good income rather than them chasing their dreams and taking risks. In 1960 there were many of the Burma people migrating to Yunnan in hope for new life. This means there are many Chinese migrants currently living in Yunnan[1] That have children and want their children to be successful by having a stable job. This thought process brought down for their parents will affect their dreams. 
An article done by financial times called "Living the Chinese dream" states that many 21st century adults as kids wanted wealth and prosperity[4]. If they pass down the same idea to the kids about the only thing that matter is money, it will greatly influence the idea of what they want to be when they grow up[4]. Since China is becoming new money many parents will want them to become very wealthy as adults.
Information From Local Contacts:
Mr. Yang[6]
- Back then the path for the future was quite unclear 
- The path nowadays is more education 
- He is quite vague and unclear on what his children want
- He has a daughter in university 
- Son that is 14 and in mechanic school
- As a child education was not the safe way 
- His parents did not give clear or sufficient advice when he was a young boy
- He wants his kids to follow their passion 
- He will only support his children if they have a proper passion and a plan. 
- They worry about his son and sent him to mechanic school. 
- They do this as "Insurance" for their son. 
- This told me a lot about what the expectations of children in the past and what it was like before
- This also is the step in the right direction to move forward with the Parents expectations 
Mrs. Zhao[7]
- She has a son that is 10 
- He loves to play badminton 
- Wants to become a pilot 
- When she was a child her parents just wanted her to survive
- Provide food on the table was more important than education 
- Majority of the time they could not afford education 
- She wants her child to study in America 
- Go to  American college and provide an American teacher
- This tells me life like in Rural areas and what they wanted for their daughter 
- I can compare and contrast the two differences 
- Schooling back then was not free, many families could not afford it 
- Since she had a son the gender difference was great and the parent focused on the son more 
- She says that there is going to be a big difference since nowadays schooling is free
- Has a daughter that is 4 years old 
- Her parents encouraged her to reach for a life better than her parents 
- At the age of 15, she left school so that she could make money
-She thought making money was possibly more important than education
- Her daughter is too young to understand what dreams are
- Her daughter has taken an interest in dancing 
- This tells me a lot about the younger adults of Xizhou 
- Considerably ones with very young kids, to see the difference 
Mrs. Li[9]
- Have 2 daughters  
- The eldest wants to be a scientist  
- The younger one wants to be a dancer 
- She supports whatever her daughters want to do 
- She just wants her children to have proper education 
- As a child, she wanted to be a soldier 
- Her parents wanted her to be a boy and so did she 
- As  a child, she would rather go to military school, not proper school 
- The problem was money back them especially in rural areas 
- Her parents also did not give her very good advice at all and decided just not to give her advice 
- she tried her hardest in school as could anyone during that time period 
Mr. Du[10]
- His son as a child liked to play, sleep and eat a lot 
- He was very wage and did not really know about his son's dreams 
- His son loved to watch animal shows and wanted to become one 
- He wanted his son to study proper material rather than something that was garbage 
- As a child, his parent did not give very good advice 
- They just wanted him to survive, to eat, sleep and live a healthy life  
- Schooling was very limited and so his parents were oblivious to society 
- As a kid, he wanted nothing but food. As well as money and sleep 
Mrs. Dong[11]
- Has a Daughter with a child 
- She wanted her daughter to Study well and go to college 
- Her daughter played outside a lot since there were no television 
- Nowadays her grandson just wants to play on the computer 
- She wanted her daughter to have her own career 
- Her daughter wanted to do something outside of the house and go to college 
- As a child, her parents wanted her just to take care of the house and work at home 
- Taking on the household responsibility was most important to her parents 
- She thinks over time the expectation has really changed 
- Back then there were not many things children had in terms of toys and stuff to do. 
Mrs. Yang[12]  
- Has a young son 
- Wants him to study hard and get into university 
- Her son's dream is to be whatever he see on T.V 
- While growing up she wanted to be Dancer 
- When she was older she wanted to become a doctor 
- Her parent did not give much advice and was confused when she was growing up 
- Her parents just wanted her to have a career and survive. 
- Her son's dreams are up to him and she will support what he is passionate about  
Mrs. Zuo[130]
- She had not thought about what she wanted her daughter to be 
- She wants her to study well and have a stable job 
- Her daughter wants to be a piano player and has no explanation for it 
- Her parents wanted her to stay on the farm and help them 
- As a child, she had no dreams of her own 
- She grew up in Xizhou 
Mrs. Wang[14]
- Her son was influenced by her  
- He wanted to be a hotel manager like his mom 
- He loved to play games outside 
- She wanted him to study what he liked and at his pace 
- She realized that the reality is that he had to study hard and not enjoy it 
- When she was a child Her parents did not give her advice 
- Her parents just pressured her to study hard and that pressure was very much immense  
- She said that today's day in age is much different because there was a lot of pressure back then 
- Because her parents did not have many expectations she had a happy childhood
Mr. Chen[15]
- 13-year-old daughter
- Loves to play computer games 
- He has yet to ask her about her dreams, She does not know her own dream yet 
- As a child, there was a lot of pressure on him to do well in school 
- He does not want to burden his daughter because it caused him stress 
- He has no expectations for her daughter 
- If her daughter is able to get into College then he will support her but is not pushing her in any way 
Mrs. Guan[16]
- Daughter that is 7 
- Her daughter has shown interest in dancing 
- Her daughter and she have yet to talk about her dreams, She does not have any aspirations 
- Her parents did not put pressure on her to study, It was rather working at home in order to take care of the family 
- She wants her child to study hard and to study what she loves 
- Anything her daughter is interested in she will support  
- However, she hopes that her daughter will have a very successful career later on 
Mr. Zhao[17]
- Has a son that is 10 years old 
- The husband of Mrs. Zhao 
- His son is interested in cars, he likes to play with them and hope to one day drive a car 
- His dream is to design cars in the future 
- They do not want to influence their son with their own ideas 
- As a child, he did not make the connections between education and Life 
- They want him to get a proper education and go to college 
- His parents wanted to study but did not put pressure on him, Since they didn't have proper education themselves
- He has no change in expectations with his newborn and his teenager 
- He has said that there has not really been a difference in his family for expectations from his parents to his own kids 
Yang Nai Nai[18]
- She has a kid with 2 grandchildren 
- She wanted her daughter to go to school and help around the house afterward 
- She put very littles pressure on her daughter because she knew that the material was very difficult 
- She wants her grandchildren to study well and be a useful person 
- Her grandkid loves to draw and is at the top of the class 
- Her parents wanted her to be a good person 
- They wanted her to study well but primarily focused on housework and to work in the field 
- Her studies were very difficult and extremely hard to concentrate 
- However, there was a lot of pressure on studying as well
Answer to Previous Questions (from Phase 1): 
Questions that I have created before this trip are located in Phase 1. When I came to Xizhou I thought I was going to use these questions but it turned out that I really was not. During my time here I did not  use anyone of those questions. All 10 of them were useless on my first day and realized that they weren't relevant to my topic, which is now Parents expectation, and they were not driving my research forward. In my Phase 1  I updated the questions to fit my research. I asked more broad so that I could ask more deep and intricate follow-up questions. 
In this Phase, it was amazing to talk and connect with the local's her of Xizhou. I learned so much more than looking at a screen and reading an article. I think I am ready to move onto my Phase 4, My research is stepping me in the right direction and I am glad to say I am ready. 
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Interesting Findings

Looks like you got some interesting information from your interviews Nolan and made some good connections! Loved reading about what you found from your interviewees.

My name is Nolan Y. and I am an 8th grader at Shanghai American School. Going on Microcampus was a life changing experience. I was able to see rural China through the lenses of not a tourist but as a local. Microcampus had taught me so many things that I would never even imagine. I am glad I came on this 28 day trip to Xizhou to learn about parental expectations and have an experience I will hold dear to my heart for a long time.