Phase 2: Finding Helpful Resources

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In Phase 1I began developing questions to ask about my topic, and now in Phase 2 I will be finding resources to help me answer these questions, and possibly develop new ones.

Some keywords I used when searching for my background information included Bai gestures, body language, body language in China, China communication, Bai etiquette, and daily life of the Bai.

I know that the information I used is valid because I used reputable resources from the school databases, and the one website I used from the internet is a New York educational file. I found who is responsible for publishing the information by looking at the bottom of the page, finding the citations, and looking to see if they have an about page. All my resources had a form of proving the credibility of the authors.

Contacting an expert:

The next step is to contact an expert on my topic. I found a video about the Bai people and their culture produced by Ren Hua. I think he would be a good person to contact because he knows a lot about the Bai culture.

Hello Mr. Hua,

My name is Taylor and I am an eighth grade student at Shanghai American school. I am working on a project about body language ( of the Bai and I was wondering if you could help me. I will be visiting the town of Xizhou and learning all about the Bai people there. I watched you video on CCTV and I need some information to help me begin answering some questions I have:

1. How do the Bai use body language to portray a message?

2. In what ways do they portray different emotions?

3. What are some situations that the Bai often use body language in?

4. Does being around different people affect how the Bai act?

5. What else could affect how the Bai act?

6. Are there differences among the two genders?

7. Are there any famous gestures between the Bai?

8. What are some representations of the Bai?

9. How are the Bai depicted in these representations?

10. Are there any differences in how they actually act?

Thank you very much for your help.



Feedback: coming soon, hopefully...

3 To 5s

In my 3 to 5s, I will begin finding the first people resources to contact about my project. The contacts will be stored here in phase 2, and facts I learn will be stored in phase 3. 3 to 5s means that I will contact 3 to 5 people and interview them for 3 to 5 minutes. I will be asking the people I interview who some other people might be to contact, what they have to offer me, and where I might find them. The first person I would like to interview for my 3 to 5s is Mr. T, because I do nott know of many people that are experts on body language.


  • Mr. Duan- Knows a lot about the Bai people of Xizhou, and has traveled many places.
  • Mr. Yang (antique owner in 四方街)
  • Frank (Works at Linden Center)
  • Dance troop coming on the 31st
  • Performers- Dancers, singers musicians
  • Older women wearing the colorful hats, then their grandchildren 
  • Tie die shop owners
  • Tourist shop owners
  • The Five Golden Flowers movie
  • The Five Towers of Glory
  • Displacing Desire (Linden Center Book)
  • Communist Multiculturalism
  • Travel Brochure from airplane about Yunnan 
My name is Taylor, and I'm 13 years old. I was born in South Africa, have lived in Georgia most of my life, and moved to Shanghai at the beginning of 7th grade. My hobbies include swimming, volleyball, softball, and playing the viola. Microcampus changed me as a person, and I learned so much from this experience. I hope to one day return to XiZhou and to again enjoy the fresh air, friendly people, and delicious food. This was a month I will never forget.