Phase 2: Finding Helpful Resources

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In Phase 1, I had to do some basic research on my topic, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I also had to come up with 10 big questions that I will have to research and answer in Xizhou. Now, in Phase 2, I have to state/find some helpful resources that can help me on my trip in Xizhou. Half of Phase 2 was done in Shanghai, while the other half (starting from "Three-to-Fives") was done in Xizhou!

Some keywords I used to research online about my topic include "traditional chinese knowledge information", and "herbal medicine". I also used this website Mr. T sent me that had arguments on the validity of TCM, and also used some Microcampus Alumni's background research to help gain knowledge. 

I know my information is valid because I used multiple sources. Most of them had similar information on them, so I know that the facts are true. Also, some of my sources are government articles, which are usually pretty trust-worthy. I could not always find out who published the article, but sometimes the author's name was written above the article. If I could not find the author, then I would just use the publishing company's name. 

I also had to find two experts on my topic that would be able to help me answer some of my Big Questions. Expert #1 is Mr. Lao at I chose this person because I felt that his document on TCM is viable, and would help me with some knowledge on TCM. Expert #2 is Mr. Tong at I chose this person because his document was about the local perspectives on TCM, which helps my topic a lot. Here is a sample of one of the messages: 

Hi Mr. Tong, 

On a website, I saw your work about local Chinese perspectives on TCM. I am an 8th grade student from SAS Pudong, and I am currently working on this project called Microcampus. I chose a topic of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and my main goal is to travel to Xizhou to ask the locals about their perspectives on TCM. Here is my project website

The results I had acquired from my emails were okay. The expert on local perspectives, Mr. Tong, did not write back. The document he wrote that I found on the Internet was dated back a couple of years ago, so that might be the reason why. Fortunately the other expert, Mr. Lao, did write back. He said that there was so much to talk about that we would call after New Years, so I am going to set up a time with him later. 


After arriving in Microcampus, we started this part. This part of Phase 2 is interviewing Linden Staff Members about local people and resources we can find about our topic. In total, I interviewed seven people about my subject. I chose these people either because I know them well, other people recommended them, or I felt that they would know a lot about my topic. 

They are:

• Mr T, MC chaperone

• Mr Craig, General manager of the Linden Center

• Ms Isabel, staff of Linden Center 

• Analise, MC chaperone

• Yang Su Mei, local staff

• Helen, food staff 

• Fay, MC chaperone

• Ms Mai, MC Chaperone

• Mr. Linden, Linden Center co-founder

I feel like I have gotten enough information because there are so many people and places I can go to, that I am not sure I will have enough time. Hopefully, I will be able to go to all those other contacts. Other than the contacts I achieved from my interviews, I need to interview a lot of the older people about their viewpoints. 

Possible Resources / Connections 

Mr. T

• Mr. Zhao. He frequently goes to the doctor because he has been sick for a while.  

• Dr. Zhao, retired TCM doctor. To compare conversations between pharmacies, and doctors. I can ask him how he helps other patients. 

• Mr. Duan, the old soldier. Ask him about his friends, too, and what do they do. 

• Mr. Dong, 88 years old. 

• Mr. Yang, attorney and accountant, 94 years old. 

• Families at Golden Flower 

• Mr. Yang, the antique dealer, and his parents. 

• People that seem very open. BE PERSISTENT! 

Mr. Craig

• A doctor that does therapeutic medical massages (I will need to ask Mr. Craig about where to go), and sometimes goes to the center

• Dr. Whoo in the Old Town. Does Chinese medicine.

• (from Juliet) There are traditional Chinese shops around Xizhou, and can ask what they prescribe. In the morning market, and I approach it from the east, and there will be some TCM shops. 

• Ms. Isabel, she can help. 

Ms. Isabel

• Mr. Yan. He already retired, but he knows a lot about TCM. 

• Venders in the morning market.  


• Dr. Whoo in Dali Old Town, who owns a massage shop. 

• Yang Su Mei, local staff. She knows a lot about local people. 

Yang Su Mei

• Dr. Zhao. There is a street in Xizhou where they specifically buy Ru san Dali Cheese Chip, a type of cheese. She can bring me later. 

• Hui Zu Doctor. Also in Xizhou Jian Sa. 

• There are small TCM stands in Xizhou Jian Sa, near the Veggie Market. 


• One of the dining girls. They know a TCM doctor. 

• Morning market. Has a lot of fresh herbs. It is near the vegetable market. 


• A doctor. I can sign up with her. 

• The way to the Sifang Jie, sometimes older people are over there. 

• Helen, manager of food and beverage. She is more professional in TCM. 

Mr. Linden

• A Muslim Hui doctor in a Muslim village. There is a slight difference. For example, Muslims do not eat pork, so they might not be able to use it in medicine. 

• Xizhou clinic outside Main Street with a local Western doctor. 

• A doctor to the east of the morning market. 

• Jeannie Linden, a nurse practitioner from the University of California. Believes in both TCM and Western. 

Ms. Mai

• Mr. Zhao, a TCM doctor. 

• A small garden and Chinese house, where old people hang out in the afternoon. 

For other additional resources, I can go to the Linden Center Library where there is a book on the topic of TCM. It will be helpful to learn some more background knowledge. 

In this phase, Phase 2, I have finished emailing an expert on my topic of TCM, and have gotten various local resources from my three-to-five interviews. Next, in Phase 3, I will need to start interviewing local people, to gather as many opinions on my topic as possible. 

Hey my name is Shirley, I am a student from SAS Pudong. I used to live in Minnesota, USA, then moved to Suzhou, China, and finally to Shanghai. I am Chinese American, with black hair, brown eyes, at the age of 13. I like to make any kind of arts and crafts, be crazy with my BFFs, and read fanfiction. I also play piano as a hobby. I may seem quiet at first, but if you get to know me really really well I start to talk a lot. I am a survivor of the Fearless Microcampus group! I am glad that I experienced this trip, because I grew a lot as a person, and I learned a lot of life lessons as well. I hope the groups coming later will enjoy this experience as much as I did, and that they will be nice to Mr. T and Ms. Mai! Now, I shall have fun being an Alumni.