Phase 2: Finding Helpful Resources

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In Phase 0, we identified our topic for our inquiry projecs. In Phase 1, I posed 10 big questions that I will answer when I arrive at XiZhou. Here, I will be finding resources to help my research and finding contacts that will be helpful when I am in XiZhou.


Some keywords I used during my research are festivals in XiZhou, foods in XiZhou, XiZhou Baba, and Er Kuai. I choose the festivals as one of my keywords because there are always stories behind these festivals and there is always food in these festivals. Also, the foods in these festivals will always have some sort of story behind them and why they are eaten during that festival. I searched up foods in XiZhou because I wanted to see if there is a larger variety of foods that I can look at when I am in XiZhou. I searched up XiZhou Baba and Er Kuai since they are 2 quite famous foods in XiZhou.

How do you know the information is valid?

I know the background information in Phase 3 valid because I checked all my sources. Most of my sources are from Mircocampus alumni. I know they are valid because they have been to XiZhou and studied similar topics in XiZhou. For the other sources, it was either from the Microcampus alumni sources or its sources that I looked carefully into, finding out who wrote it. 

How did you find out who is responsible for producing/publishing that information?

I found out who was responsible for since on Microcampus, the top right will always say who wrote it and which trip they went to. For the other sites, I looked at the contact me or about page to find out who published the information.

Finding an Expert

I found an expert I would like to talk to but I could not find her contact information so, I have contacted the place she works at is is waiting for their response. Her name is Wang Jianhong (王剑红) and she works at the Linden Center in XiZhou as the deputy general manager. She has been in Dali from a young age. The email I sent is below:

Dear Linden Center, My name is Annie and I am an 8th-grade student at Shanghai American School. I am going to XiZhou on March 4 for Microcampus which is when a few students travel to XiZhou for a month to experience a different environment. For the project I am doing, I need to find an expert to help me through part of the process and my project is about the stories behind the food in XiZhou. I saw that Wang Jianhong (王剑红) has been in Dali from a young age and she was a server so she probably understands the food in XiZhou very well. I could not find her contact in anyway so I decided to contact the Linden Center and ask for her contact. So, can you please send me anyway to contact Wang Jianhong (王剑红) like wechatweibo, email, phone number, etc.? It would be great if you can and I appreciate the help. 

Best Regards,



I have found my experts contact and so I messaged her. The message is below:


Dear Wang Jianhong, my name is Annie. I am an 8th grade student from Shanghai American School. I am going on an one month trip to XiZhou in March with a few classmates. We have to select a project topic we are interested in to study while we are at XiZhou. I choose to do my project on the legends and stories behind the foods in XiZhou. We have to do some background research and things prior to our trip. One of the tasks we need to do is to contact an expert, so I found you. I thought you are a good fit for my project because you have been in XiZhou for a while.

If you want to see the process of my project, please click below:

Here are my 10 big questions:

1. What are some of the stories behind XiZhou Baba?
2. What were the influences on Er Kuai?
3. Were there outside influences on the food in XiZhou?
4. What are the legends and stories behind the foods served in the festivals? How did it influence the festivals?
5. What are some of the oldest foods in XiZhou?
6. What are some of the oldest festivals there? and what foods are served?
7. How have the foods in XiZhou right now changed over the years? Why?
8. What are the values of the foods in XiZhou? and has any story or legend change the value of that food?
9. How were the legends and stories of these foods passed down?
10. What are some stories about the foods in XiZhou that is still passed down today?


Best Regards,


To find my expert, I looked through many of our schools databases and many websites on google scholar. I have finally found articles written on the Linden Center in XiZhou and so I went to see if I could find someone helpful there. I did and am very satisfied with what I found. So far, my expert Wang Jianhong, has not wrote back yet. I am waiting for her response and hoping she will reply soon.

3 to 5's

A few days after arrival, we needed to talk to 3-5 adults for 3-5 mintues to ask and talk about local people we can contact to help us on our inquiry project. These are called 3 to 5's. I chose Mrs. Mai, Mr. T, Ms. Zhao, and Ms. Song because they looked at XiZhou through different perspectives. I also wanted to get a wide perspective of locals to talk to so I asked these people. Ms. Mai has been on 16 Microcampus trips so she knows a lot about the locals here and the places here. Mr. T has been the trip leader of Microcampus for 16 trips and knows a lot of locals in the village. Ms. Zhao has been working with the Micrcampus program for 4 trips and she stays in XiZhou. Ms. Song is from ChengDu but is living at XiZhou and is more new to XiZhou.

Ms. Mai

- Ms. Yang: Chef that cooks for us
- Chefs at Linden Center
- Ms. Zhao: Owner of Old House Snacks
- Ms. Dong: Owner of Golden Flower restaurant
- MoGan Shan Restaurant

Mr. T

- The Gardener (Linden Center)
- Vendors at SiFang Jie
- Vendor (Near Main Gate of SiFang Jie)
- Highway shops
- Mr. yang (Downhill from YangZhou Ran)
- Jeanee (Linden Center)

After talking to 4 adults that suggested some local contacts, I feel like I have enough to keep me busy and working for the next few weeks. I have enough local contacts to talk to and make connections with. At the Linden Center Library, I think books on food, festivals, and history will be a good fit for my topic. This is because these are all some of the keywords I used above for my background research and they helped me a lot.

In this phase, I found local contacts and helpful resources. In Phase 3, I will be writing my information I got from my resources.


My name is Annie Y. I am part of the Superior Microcampus group. As of March 4, 2017, I arrived in Xizhou. We stayed in Xizhou for 28 days. Those 28 days has been such a unforgettable experience. I got to connect with the people here. They were very nice and welcoming. The weather was really nice. There was pretty blue skies and puffy white clouds. I miss everything about Xizhou and the Microcampus experience.