Phase 1: Posing Real Questions

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In Phase 0, I have decided that Water Usage/Treatment is going to be my finial inquiry project topic. Now have to come up with the real question about my topic. I have to start to do research and start asking myself the question. This way, I will learn more of my topic.


Water is an essential part of our life all living organism on Earth needs water to survive. An average human being need to drink seven cup of water a day to be healthy. All the water we drink has to be purified. Water usually comes from the sea or the river, and then it will flow into a filter station, which will purifies the water. After that, the water will flow into the water system in the district, which will then go into our body or plant. The body waste also contains water, which will then go into the sewage system under the ground, which will now go into the filter plant, or back to the river or sea. This is the water cycle. The climate and the environment of the area also have a huge impact on water. If the area is polluted, the water will turn into a dead zone, which is when the water does not have any oxygen.


That information is what I have learned before. All the science class and the common knowledge have taught me all of that information.


When I get to Xizhou, I hope I will discover the entire element to complete the water cycle. I also want to find how does they purify the water at local tap water company. I also want to discover how clean the water. I think that most of Xizhou water usage is going to be agriculture, so it will be sweet to figure out how do they use water in agriculture. It is also important to think of a way to improve their water system for the future. The irrigate system has always be interesting to me because there is so many kinds of them. I wonder which types of irrigate system is the most common and the most effective to agriculture.


After listing all of the things I want to know about water usage, I will now do some background research of my topic, so I will understand more when I get to Xizhou. It will also help me to come up with the big question for this phase. You can see my background research in Phase 3



The Big Question:


I have finished my background research for this topic. I did this to understand more about the water usage and treatment in XizHou.


Question one and two incudes how the citizens of XizHou conserve their water. Question 2-10 is about the water treatment plant.


1. How does the farmers over there conserve water?

The farmers use water from several source, like the mountains, and the lake. I think that the water they was used haven't been filter, so after it past through the farm, it goes to the water plant.


2. How does the village conserve their water

they reuse the water for many things. For example, they could water the plant with the water that they don't need. 


3. How long have they use the system(conserving water)?

since they got their house


4. What kind of irrigation system do they use?

ditch irrigation


5. How much water does an average farmer or villager use?

30rmb every month


6. How clean is the water after it been through the water plant?

Grade 5 


7. How clean is the underground water?

Grade 4


8. Is the water that is treated in the water treatment plant drinkable?

Yes, after the water is treated, the water will go to the village where villager could drink the water, or use it for other purpose.


9. Where does the treated water go?

The water will go into pumps where the village will be able to pump the water our for drinking or other purpose.


10. What is the biggest problem of Erhai right now?



The Italic is possible answer to the question.



I need to know more about the water treatment plant in Yunnan and how the does the village conserve water. I also need to find out about their irrigation system


Now I have finished Phase 1, it is time for me to move on the Phase 2 (Finding Helpful Resources).


Now I have finished Phase 3, where I updated my questions and answer, so if you want to se the new questions and answer, click phase 3.


Hi guys, I am Jack Y. I am a Microcampus student and I was at Xizhou. I have a brother named Jerry and I also have a sister named Amelia. I like Microcampus because it takes me outside of my personal bubble, and I also like my project, which is Water usage/treatment. Microcampus have helped me understand a lot of things, I also understand myself better than before.