Phase 0: Getting Started: Topic Exploration and Selection

Updated 10 months 3 weeks ago

The inquiry project during the 28-day long Microcampus trip is a learning journey that students embark on. It is a unique experience that we cannot encounter anywhere else. We select a topic that we are interested in investigating during the time we spend in the town of Xizhou. By the end of the trip, our investigation of these topics produces a final product that can take any format, whether it be a video, article, website, or more. To start this project off, I first chose a few topics from the long list of choices possible based on my interests. I then narrowed these topics down to three choices. Finally, I came up with one topic for my inquiry project based on the feedback I received from Mr. Tafel.

Of all the possible topics, I considered to either investigate local healthcare/wellness, plant/animal life, or creating a visitor's guide. I have selected the creation of a visitor's guide as my inquiry project. 

Visitor's Guide (My Inquiry Project Selection)
The reason for my selection is because I love to create visuals that are helpful to others. This topic is important to me because I often travel, and I understand the hassle foreigners have to go through when they are in an unfamiliar place. For this topic, I want to create the perfect 1-week (or longer) itinerary for foreign travelers, and it will include all the best places to stay, eat, and visit. In order to construct a more insightful and wholesome experience for the visitors, I will make sure to look at reviews and interact with the residents in Xizhou to find their preferences. 
The two other topics that I considered choosing for my inquiry project were healthcare/wellness and local animal/plant life. I did not choose these topics because I felt that unlike the visitor's guide, these topics would not be directly useful to others. On the other hand, the visitor's guide can be used by any traveler who needs some guidance when traveling in Xizhou.
During my reading of completed projects from previous Microcampus students, I found a lot of advice that stuck with me. For example, in the inquiry project by Nicole L. from the O group, she strongly urges future students to start Microcampus work as soon as possible and not put it aside for later. Another student named Evian C. from the I group also talked about this. She wrote that if she could have done things differently, she would spend at least 15 minutes on her Microcampus work every day so that she would feel less stressed. Finally, Jessica A. from the H group noted to not be afraid to ask questions. 
In Phase 0, I made my topic selection and made a general plan of what I would do in the village. I also gathered advice from previous Microcampus students to use during my Microcampus trip. In Phase 1, I will be focusing on my final topic selection by posing questions, researching, and planning in detail.
I was born in Canada and my family is from China. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, playing with my dog, talking with my friends, and learning new things. I have been to two previous schools prior to coming to SAS in cold Canada and sunny California. The month that I spent at Microcampus has been really memorable and an experience that I will never forget in my life. I am yet to return to Xizhou to see the community, scenery, and taste the food again!