Phase 0: Getting Started: Topic Exploration and Selection

Updated 4 years 8 months ago

In the 28 days that I will be spending at the village, I decided to pick local food for my Inquiry Project out other choices for example antiques and architecture. Looking at the feedback Mr.Tafel gave me I finally choose local food out those three choices that I have made, out of the list that was given to me. 

I looked at the topics that I am truly interested in and checked out the projects of people who did it before, understanding what I needed before deciding to choose this topic. I need to feel a very strong sense of attraction toward the topics I want to do for me to consider that topic. I thought about what passion that I might have about these topics and I decided the ones that I loved the most.

Local food is what I will choose since to me food is a beautiful thing, it is a necessity of the human body yet it can be so tasty and it made use of the fifth sense, the taste of one. It is important to me since I want to understand the world by the way of creating delicious items to fulfill the needs of one. What I plan to find out is the food at the village any different than other parts of China and/or they are just similar if not the same. Getting to know where the food comes from and how they are making it is a good start to understanding the differences in the culture of food. 

I realized that antiques is not a good topic for me since I am not confident think I can display enough interest in the subject to fully embrace the subject. The topic is less exciting for me than local food as I mentioned in my paragraph.  

After much debate with myself I decided to chose local food over architecture, I liked architecture, it was something that I really wanted to look into. The study of building beautiful buildings and the style of the village. Yet food comes on top of the the buildings, so therefor I chose food over the art of buildings. 

Local food-most interest Architecture-moderate interest Antiques-least interest

Reading the inquiry projects from some of the students that choose local food as their inquiry projects I saw that my best way to proceed is to background research on the area's cooking and not the village's. I will look into the way the village is making its food in the 28 days that I have. Most of the time here I will be spending that time looking into the area of the village and how they cook their food. Many thanks to Ivy F Alumni-C, Anna S Alumni-D and Vincent C Alumni-E

In Phase 0 I chosen the basic outline of my Inquiry Project, in Phase 1 I will began to take to background research and start posing questions for myself and the project. 

I am a member of the K group which is the Kryptonite group, now I am back in Shanghai. I really liked the time that I had back in the village, I wished that I can spend more time there.