Phase 0: Getting Started: Topic Exploration and Selection

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Microcampus is a program where 14 students will travel to Xizhou for 28 days to explore new expereiences. trip that me and 13 other students are going on, where we will stay in Xizhou for 28 days to learn and experience new things. We will come up with a final product by the end of the journey while collecting unforgettable memories.

Before we prepare the specific portions of our trip, we begin to look at different topics that we will be focusing on for the next few weeks. We are given a document with a list of possible subjects that we could work with. These topics are to stick with us throughout the whole trip when we are learning more about it in Xizhou.

As I was scanning the document, I highlighted the ones that were the most interesting to me, and ended up with six topics. The six topics I highlighted are textile production, local food, traditional Chinese medicine, religious studies, local education system, and water usage. Then I thought more about what I was most interested in, and narrowed it down a little more to four topics, which were local education system and water usage. So I am now left with textile production, local food, traditional Chinese medicine, and religious studies. Given the advice and feedback from my peers and teachers, I choose my topics that would be the best topics to research, but at the same time enjoyable - textile production, local food, and religious studies. These topics were the ones that seem the most interesting to me and I believe that I will enjoy researching further into it. 

Religious studies is something that I have always been interested in but have never participated in any relations. I have excluded this topic because I think that I have more interest in my other two topics - local food and textile production. I think I would do well with this topic, there is a wide variety of things to learn, but I think that the other two topics fit me more.

As much as I love food, I have decided to rule out this topic. I think local food would be something that I would enjoy doing more than learning about it. Which leaves me to my final topic - textile production. 

Now that I have thought more about my topics, I have narrowed it down even more to one topic - textile production. I think that this topic will allow me to further extend my knowledge, and I have some ideas in mind about what I want to do for my project. Textile production is something I have always been interested in, esppecially when it comes from different cultures. I could see how they do it differently from Shanghai or SAS. I imagine textile production in Xizhou with tie-dye, silk, embroidery, sewing, bamboo weaving, etc.... I will bring home these techniques and skills for my future reference.

I look forward to working on this topic and hope that I will figure out what my plan will be in Phase 1.


Textile Production!

Kelly! Textile production sounds like a great topic for Xizhou since you will see this form of art everywhere - in small local and touristing shops, used as tablecloths and floor mats, and especially on the local people. It is very diverse in Xizhou! Of course, I don't want to give away everything you might see... I can't wait to see what you guys will be doing in Xizhou, you will have a great time and I will keep up with your journal posts. Tip of the post (from a very wise alumni): make sure your language is formal and stays formal throughout (take your "etc" away it's bothering me). See you later and MAKE SURE TO STAY ON TOP OF YOUR WORK and you will be good. (:

My name is Kelly, I am 13 years old and an 8th grader at SAS PD. I have been at SAS for 8 years, and I love it here. Other than the pollution and crowdedness, Shanghai is a very nice place to live in. I am originally from Hong Kong, where I lived for two years, then moved to Shanghai and lived here ever since. I am on the swim team, and was also accepted into AMIS. Living in Xizhou is a wonderful experience and I am thrilled to see what Xizhou has in store. Xizou is a beautiful place full of wonders and excitement, I am really glad to be here and hope to get the best of it.