A New Perspective for a Father

The photo was taken by Isaac's classmate Harriettee.  The first time I looked at the photo was via my iPhone.  The photo was taken in a nonconventional way, a bit titled, and taking from the back with many other elements in the photo.  IN fact I didn't see my son in the photo.  Only when I use my computer to click into the mircocampus website, did I realized that in fact Isaac was in the photo.  This experience inspired me to learn of the fact that my son today is different from my son yesterday.  He grows fast not only physically but also emotinoally and mentally.  If I don't learn new ways to "read" my son, I won't know him as well as I would like to be, or what he needs me to be.  Lesson learnt. 

Isaac joining Mircocrampus is not only a new experience for Isaac but also a totally new experience for my wife and I. This is the first time we have our kid to be away from us for almost a month. This is an exciting learning opportunity not only to Isaac but also to my wife and I. We need to learn how to support and to encourage Isaac to become a young adult. We are grateful that Isaac was given such opportunity.