End of the Weekend

Well, tonight wraps up the first full weekend of the B-4 Microcampus group. What was scheduled to be a good bit of "down time" ended up being quite busy. I had promised myself that all the students would be up to date with their Inquiry Projects and Service Learning before bedtime, and the last of the students just finished up.

The first week was a busy one, with plenty of settling in chores--setting up the new nurse's office, tracking down our equipment stored after last year's group left, and generally working out the kinks in our new learning envrionment. Xiaotang Jiang, the manager of the beautiful Yangzhouran compound that we call home, has done an amazing job, and it's great to have such a fantastic partner in the process.

Dr. Kerry Jacobson, superintendent of SAS, his wife, and his father-in law spend the past four days here with us. It was great to have them visit to see for themselves what is happening here in Xizhou.

The students are settling into a good routine. They finish most of the daily "pitching in" routines that are asked of them, including keeping their rooms tidy, washing dishes after meals, and keeping their chaperones posted as to where they are going during the afternoons. 

Overall, it's been a wonderful, tiring, enjoyable adventure. I look forward to hearing about the students' discoveries in the coming week!


hullo from the finger biter

We all miss you back here and your piano playing in B-minor T! Here are some updates from school: nisha and I went crazy during home base and Mrs. Williams is no longer in school because she is getting ready to have her baby. Come back soon!

The finger biter ( i'm pretty sure you know who that is :))

What a treat it is to see the Microcampus program continue to develop. I look forward to learning more with and from these amazing students as they explore their world, challenge themselves, and learn to handle themselves outside The Bubble of their usual routines.