Day 7: First Weekend Schedule in Microcampus

In the morning, after the late breakfast, we started the 150 years in 150 minutes lecture from Mr. Tafel. We learned the 150 years of history of China. It was very interesting because it was a new concept of looking and understanding the history of China and. I learned Chinese history when I was in middle school in Korea. However, I had to come to China during my semester and I was not able to learn the modern parts. I was so glad I was able to learn how China, the country I am living in. Mr. Tafel was a great storyteller and a fun teacher. It was not boring to listen but very interesting. I was so surprised by how Mr. Tafel was fluent in teaching history. According to my experience, even though I like history, it was almost one of the most boring subjects to listen in class. The lecture about the founding of People's Replubic of China was a chance for me to become curious about the history of where I am living in right now. I was also able to question myself, whether the history books of Korea also have some lies and false facts. 
Then, we went out for our service learning. We met Ms. Yang in front of the Ficus tree. She was very friendly and we asked some questioned about her life in Xizhou when she was young. Unfortunately, she said she couldn't remember because she was too young at that time. However, it was a very fun and new experience to talk comfortable and have natural conversations. I felt that this was the real way, I should contact the people in Xizhou. My work group members were really helpful and kind, too. Even though it might have been hard work they translated the words of Ms. Yang for me. 
Soon, I will be going on a bike ride for my downtime on the weekends. 
I am so excited to spend my weekends in such a clean and joyful environment. I wish other friends back in Shanghai will be able to come or visit Xizhou, at least once in their lives. 

I'm a 15 years old Korean Boy. I was in Xizhou during my first year in China as part of the W group, Wildifre. I really liked the blue sky as well as the strong sun. Lake Erhai and my 28 days with my 15 other friends is something I miss a lot. It was also an experience that changed my life. I hope the future Microcampus groups will also have a great time in Xizhou. Take a ot of pictures of your friends and the Xizhou community! Enjoy your journey and always help each other.