Day 5: Tie-Dye Factory

It is only our 5th day here in XiZhou and we are already traveling and exploring new places outside of town. Today we rode a bus to ZhouCheng to visit a local tie-dye factory. There we split into 2 groups, one who went to visit the local market and a temple first, and the others who started on their tie-dying piece. During our walk to the market, I was able to see more larger pieces of cloth covered in tie-dye designs. I never realized how difficult the whole process of tie-dying was until we got back to the factory and tried ourselves. Back to the market, we saw many fresh fruit and vegetables. As well as fish and animals such as pigs. We continued on with a hike up to the end of the road, which led to a temple. In front of the temple we got a good view of a large painting, which portrayed a long dragon spitting out water. Also, right in front of temple were statues, one of which was the same as the "Big Black" statue in our very own YZR. On this trip I was able to take many pictures of the beautiful surroundings. After finishing our mini tour, we walked back to the factory where we learned how to sew designs onto a piece of cloth. Everyone went home with smiles and the feeling of accomplishment as they carried their masterpieces back. 

Hey, my name is Nicole and I am currently 13 years old. I was born in San Francisco, California and my parents are from Taiwan. Throughout my life I have moved 5 times so I am a pretty social butterfly. Leadership and taking risks are things that I feel confident at. Photography, dance, and swimming are my hobbies and passion. I had a very delightful time exploring new cultures on my microcampus experience in XiZhou and will miss it deeply!